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Learning toys for kids

11 Learning Toys for Kids – Choose the right one!

The stage in which a toddler turns into a child is a very crucial one. This is mainly because he or she is learning and adapting to new things and changes. In terms of learning, you need to provide them with something beneficial for them in cognitive and playful ways. During the age, that ranges from 1 year to 6 years a child can grab learning skills only through toys because their brain can only sense voice and images through colors and tones. Therefore you need to buy learning toys for kids which can build and improve their motor skills, develop learning and IQ level. This article enlists some of the best selling learning toys for kids that have proved to develop and enhance their brain-related skills.

Motor Development

Robotic toys

  1. Robot drawing for kids
Learning toys for kids
Robot Drawing for Kids

If you wish to see your child imitating movements and coordinating them likewise then robotic toys are a must for them. This robot drawing for kids toy comes along with a pen attached to its hands that draws different structures. Your child can observe those movements and can try to make structures and diagrams by looking at the robot’s movement. It is fabricated from fine plastic and so it is easy and light to be carried by your kid unlike other toys that are heavy and their fall can often lead to hazards and damage to kids. However, it is important to monitor kids under the age of 6 while playing with it. It is not subjected to any gender-specific and is enjoyed by both boys and girls. The playing set comes along with different painting cards which the robot draws effectively.

2) Smart robot dog

Learning Toys for Kids
Smart Robot Dog

Kids below the age of 6 often try to mimic things they see visually. According to psychologists and children’s mental health experts, it is suggested that a child’s brain absorbs visual things more rapidly than vocal. This smart robot dog is a perfect learning toy for your kid because it’s movement and conduct is not less than a real dog. If your child wants to keep a pet but his or her age is not suitable for it then this robotic toy can be a perfect replacement for it. From singing to peeing it can do all the things a puppy can and so it will entertain your child and will keep him busy for hours. Whenever in the future you will buy a pet for your child he or she will already be trained about how to look after a pet.

3) Scratch painting book

Scratch Painting Book

Apart from the brain, there should be something that can enhance the quality and control of a child’s hand movements. This is because this motor development is very important in their near future. If you want something similar and are looking for learning toys for kids then a scratch painting book is the best material of choice. It consists of very fine quality papers pinned in a sketchbook form and allows your child to draw and paint using their imagination. Your child’s hand movements and clarity in painting will get finer day by day and you will notice how precise and neat their sketching and painting has turned compared to day one.

Brain development

Wooden games

4) Wooden Clock Toy

Wooden Clock Toy

When your child reaches the age of playgroup he or she is expected to learn alphabets and numbers soon you improve your child’s brain development by getting your hands on this wooden clock toy. It is the best learning toy for kids. It is made from pure wood which is quite falling and break-resistant. The toy comes in different vibrant colors powerful enough to attract your child’s attention. Moreover, this toy is not just for kids of smaller ages but kids above 6 years as well. It teaches them the idea of time. You can teach them how time works and how important it is to do things before the clock struck 12!

5) Wooden Puzzle 3D Colorful Geometric Puzzle 155 pics

learning toys for kids
Wooden Puzzle

Are you looking for something that can enhance your child’s brain development? Grab the wooden puzzle 3D colorful geometric puzzle 155 pieces which come in different geometrical shapes. It is a kind of toy that is exclusively designed for kids to think and understand the complexity of joining things together to form a new structure. The reason it is considered a great learning toy for kids is that it utilizes the child’s imagination and makes them explore be creative. The bright colors of the puzzle attract kids and can keep them busy for longer periods. It is the best object to be kept in playgroups and daycares for indulging children in entertainment and gaining knowledge likewise.

6). Wooden Hammer Toys for Children to Develop Brain

Wooden Hammer Toys

Are you sick and tired of your fussy child? Do you want something that can change his behavior and also program his brain simultaneously?

The wooden Hammer is a perfect choice for your child’s learning and is merely a good exercise for their body. Your ward will learn how to move hands while hitting balls of variant colors using the hammer. It is recommended for kids over 9 months and a little parental guide is required.

7) DIY Building Toys Magnetic Designer Stacking Toys

DIY Builder Toy

The best thing to keep a kid engaged is to give him or her something to play for hours and hours. Nevertheless, the kind of toy matters and it is important to supervise them to know if they are handling it the right way or no. Many psychological issues are often detected from learning toys for kids such as ADHD.

This magnetic building toy causes a kid to create new ideas using his or her brain and create structures based on their imagination. It comes in around 244 pieces therefore many different structures are possible to create based on their intellectual level. It is a good brain exercise for them and the multiple colors will surely keep them excited.

8. Word Spelling Card

What fears the most to a mother when her child is about to start school for the very first time?

It is whether her child will be able to grab the things taught in school. Invest some bucks in a word spelling card which comes along with 26 pieces of letters and cards that will help your ward learn alphabets. The big news is your child will not only learn to recognize the detachable alphabets but will also learn how to make new words out of those letter pieces. This way they will use the major portion of their brain to make words.

If you want to spend some quality time with your kid. If you want that time to be helpful for your child by any means then you can join them in playing with this word spelling card. It will not just nurture their brain but will also create a bond with you.

Emotional development

Playing objects

9) Ball-jointed doll

Learning toys for kids
Ball jointed Doll

Some kids are very inexpressive in terms of emotions and behavior. They often hide feelings of anger and love. However, for some kids, anger issues are slightly dominant over the other emotions. Kids should know that showing love and affection is important. Therefore, there are learning toys for kids. They will help in building up an emotional bond, showing care, and taking responsibility. The ball-jointed doll is a perfect gift for you little girls who often stay agitated.

With long blonde hair, you can tie, curl, or brush, etc. it comes along with many other colorful dresses.

You can tell teach your angel how to tie a ponytail on the doll, how can you change her shoes, etc. Your kid will try to act like you and will learn. For example, how to look after a doll which will eventually teach her the basic rights of responsibility. Such as feeding, changing, cleaning up, etc. Moreover, mothers often notice that their ward even sleeps with the doll which is a clear example of how emotional attachment feels like!

10) Kids Microwave Oven Kitchen Set Toy with Pretend Food

Microwave toy set
Microwave Toy Set

Have you noticed your kid is more interested in the kitchen than you? Are you tired of him or her using your kitchen utensils and then ending up damaging them? then surprise them with this kids  Microwave Oven Kitchen Set Toy with Pretend Food. It comes with a mini plastic microwave that has a door that opens and closes just like a real microwave. Not just that but there are other toys too along with it.

You can play with your child when he or she is playing with it. Kids normally try to imitate their adults and when they play with such kitchen toy sets they will pretend to prepare food for you and will offer them to you. Gradually you will realize that your kid has started to learn how important it is to feed their family. They will become emotionally responsible and will learn that cooking and feeding is an example of showing love and affection.

11) Kids Cooking and Baking Set Toy

Kids cooking and baking set

Kids Cooking and Baking Set

Children always try to mimic what they observe. Some would want to pursue it and long for it. If your kids like baking and cooking then you can buy the kids cooking and baking set toy for them. This playset comes with multiple kitchen utensils used daily. A mini apron is also available in the playset that will look super cute on your kid. The objects are made from plastic and hence wear and tear-resistant. Cooking toys are not just for playing or for entertainment purposes but they are a form of learning toys for kids.

Your kid will grab the knowledge of using the utensils and will surely try to help you while working in the kitchen. This way children often learn that helping others is a duty they should do wisely. Helping and lending hands grow and nurtures a child’s emotional centers of the brain.

Final words:

If you see technology and gadgets have replaced toys in today’s era and eventually destroying their brain unknowingly. The rays that emit from tablets and smartphones not just affect a child’s eyes but their brain too. This is the reason why children often encounter psychological problems and diseases. They become slow learners in school, have delayed speech problems, become agitated and annoyed over petty issues. As a result, they face issues in their social behavior and conduct. On the contrary learning toys for kids have proved to bring a change in their behavior and improve them intellectually. If you present your kids which such toys you will catch a sign of positive brain, emotional, and motor development within them.

Happy shopping!

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