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Skills Your Child Need

15 Skills Your Child Need to be Successful in Future

If you want your child to succeed in life, focus on giving him/her life skills more than education. Particularly, in today’s school system, kids are not prepared well to face the world. There are three types of skills in the world.

  1. Hard skills(Relevant to the profession)
  2. Soft skill(Leadership, communication, Creativity, Situation handling, Problem-solving, etc.)
  3. Middle Skill(Social deportment)

The world Economic forum has declared a list of the necessary skills for success in the coming age. And none of these is related to higher education but life skills that every individual need to learn. Top 15 skills of 2025 as listed by the World Economic Forum are:

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  1. Analytical thinking and innovation
  2. Active learning and learning strategies
  3. Complex problem solving
  4. Critical thinking and analysis
  5. Creativity, originality, and initiative
  6. Leadership and social influence
  7. Technology use, monitoring, and control
  8. Technology design and programming
  9. Resilience, stress tolerance, and flexibility
  10. Reasoning, problem-solving, and ideation
  11. Emotional intelligence 
  12. Troubleshooting and user experience
  13. Service orientation
  14. System analysis and evaluation
  15. Persuasion and negotiation 

Necessary skills before starting school:

These life skills are actually “learning to learn” skills, and parents can develop these skills in their offspring through daily activities. These skills are necessary to make your child independent and enable him/her to take care of themselves. Moreover, every child should be well-equipped with these life skills to face the world.

Remember one thing if your child cannot take care of themselves, they cannot develop these essential life skills or personality traits.

  1. Listening skills:

Communicate with your child. It is the inevitable need of your child for their betterment. Thus talk to them, listen to them, try to be a friend of your child. Also, talk to your child and try to focus their attention on what they hear and see.

2. Questioning Skills:

The more you question, the more you learn. It is one of the necessary skills that your child should learn. Develop a sense of curiosity and questioning in your child because this habit is going to teach them a lot in the future.

You can develop this skill by appreciating their questions and responding well. You can share in your child’s curiosity by discovering answers and information together. It will also send a positive vibe about discovering new things. 

3. Motor and coordination skills:

Give your children lots of opportunities to develop their hard skills, involving their hand muscles. It will also assist in their physical development. 

You can enhance their fine motor and coordination skills by providing clay, puzzles, threading beads, drawing, cutting, planting, or hammering activities. It will also polish their creativity skills.

4. Independency and responsibility skills:

Skills Your Child Need

Create a sense of responsibility and independence in your child. It will assist them a lot in their future. Moreover, appreciate them if they show independence in performing their tasks like deciding their lunch, taking care of their school bus time, doing their homework responsibly. 

Try to create safe opportunities for children to practice these traits.

5, Academic cognition and skills:

Give them academic knowledge through daily life activities. In this way, you’ll be able to Spotify their interest in a particular field or area of study. For example, by developing their interest in superman or spiderman, you’ll be able to attract their attention toward how a spider makes a web.

Teach them from daily life objects, like size and number of coins, signs on the road, shapes of objects, colors, etc. It’s because adequate academic knowledge along with learning about general things, discussion with peers can raise their interest in academics. You can also raise their exposure through books and other resources.

6. Teach them to be happy themselves:

When we spend all the time with our kids, cuddle with them and keep them on a leash and make them rely on us for their happiness. They do not learn how to be happy on their own. So when they are away from us, they feel unhappy. They make girlfriends or friends or try to find happiness in shopping, video games, or other activities. It’s better to make them able to find happiness on their own. Give your child spare time at some time of the day. Moreover, let them do whatever they love to do at that time, like reading books, imagining or whatever they like.

7. Make them Compassionate:

Skills Your Child Need

Compassion is on top of the necessary skills that you need to give your child. Teach them to be kind to their siblings, peers, and the people around them. Teach them to share their things with others. Be a model for them. What parents practice, directly influences the child. Hence, don’t leave any opportunity to teach your child how to lessen the sufferings of others, how to make others happy with your small act of kindness, and how that makes you happier in return.

8. Teach them Tolerance:

While growing up, we live in an insulated area where people are loving and alike. So, it becomes difficult for us to tolerate people that have a different nature. We become uncomfortable, shocking, and fearful. So it’s better to expose your child to people of different sexes, races, and mental conditions. Show them that it’s okay to be different and we should enjoy that difference. In fact, that difference is something that makes life even more beautiful. 

9. Adaptability:

From an early age, teach your child how to deal with the changes. I think this is a necessary skill that our child needs to learn while growing up. The world is changing rapidly, and being flexible to get and adapt to that change. It is something that makes us competitive. So, if you don’t teach your child these skill, they cannot move forward in the race of life. Tell them that changes are a part of life, teach them how to embrace the changes.

It’s not possible to give a set of data to our child, a career to develop. But we can teach them the necessary skills to adapt to the changes.

10. Teach them to cope with the failure:

Failures are a part of life. We often get failed, and even more worst is to see our child getting fail. When we cover or sort out the mistakes of our children. We are temporarily benefiting them but consequently harming them.


A child who never experienced a failure may be unable to cope when a relationship goes wrong, or a project gets failed. Let them learn from their mistakes and find solutions on their own. Be supportive, make them realize that they have your back at every stage of life, also teach them how to face failure.

11. Make them Organized:

The organization plays a major role in the success of a person. Teach them how to organize and keep things in the right place. Some children are organized by nature, but if they are not. There are a few tips that parents can follow to build this habit in their child. Making checklists also help the child in keeping a track of things to do. Bins and shelves are helpful to organize toys and books. Following the schedule, like packing the school bag a night before, setting out the clothes can help in developing a sense of organization. 

12. Teach them to spend money wisely:

Another important life skill to teach your child is financial management on a small level. Tell them the importance of gratification and savings, and it makes no sense to buy something only because it’s on sale.

Kids can learn these variables if you put the responsibility on them and let them do some shopping themselves. You can also choose these allowances for certain expenditures like buying clothes or stationary.

13.Teach them how to use a map and take a public transportation:

It is a lifesaver skill that will help your child a lot if they fall into some tragedy. It’s important to teach your child how to navigate public transportation. You can make your child practice this by involving them while you are navigating a map. Or ask them to guide which path to follow to take the right bus.

14.Decision making skill:

There are many decisions that we need to take in our life. It’s one of the necessary skills that will assist a lot in the future. It also makes your child empowered. These are short term and long term decisions.

Short term decisions involve things to do in routine life like what to eat, what to wear, what to buy, etc. Let your child practice making these decisions on their own. Let them realize what’s good or suitable accordingly.

Skills Your Child Need

Long-term decisions involve decisions for life like education, career, and life partner. These are important decisions of life. So, teach your child the skill to make appropriate decisions by instilling them from an early age. Start by asking them to choose between two pairs of clothes, games, or eatables.

15. Develop self-help skills

Finally, you should teach your children self-help skills, like changing clothes on their own, washing their hands, or simple house chores. These nature traits will help them in getting independent.

From every practice, your child will be able to learn from the consequences of decisions he/she makes. Guide your child during the process by letting them weigh the advantages and disadvantages of their decision.

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