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children's concentration in online classes

How to Improve Children’s Concentration in Online Classes

The quick closing of schools due to the covid-19 pandemic has affected the school routines of all children worldwide. Suddenly, kids all over the world are put to learn from home. Either the schools send learning material by mails or they teach online For many children, it is a new experience. It’s not easy to […]

Learning toys for kids

11 Learning Toys for Kids – Choose the right one!

The stage in which a toddler turns into a child is a very crucial one. This is mainly because he or she is learning and adapting to new things and changes. In terms of learning, you need to provide them with something beneficial for them in cognitive and playful ways. During the age, that ranges […]

Child Empowerment

Child Empowerment – Understanding and Why it is important?

As parents and guardians, we want our children to develop self-confidence and a sense of self-worth. We also want our children to grow resilient and respectful towards others. As adults, we know that the traits of determination and resolve are essential when we become responsible in our lives. None of it is complete without child […]

growth mindset

How to Develop a Growth Mindset in Children?

The biggest dream of all parents is for their children to become very successful. But many parents are oblivious of proper child-rearing skills they should opt for their children. The most imperative factor in your child’s success and for his/her bright future is the good upbringing of his/her mindset. If you can develop a growth […]

How to Deal with your Child’s Anger

If you think that only adults have the right to be frustrated or throw tantrums, you are wrong! Children can have occasional meltdowns. Like any other emotion, the child’s anger is also common and is increasing day by day. Some parents fail to understand the difference between anger and aggressiveness. When kids cannot control their […]


Make your child organized – 10 tips to remember

Children are mostly chaotic by nature. Kids struggle with managing things and time, such as missing lunch boxes at school, misplacing books and stationery, failing to complete tasks on time, and so on. Parents need to start working on their children at a very young age, so he/she can succeed in the future. You can […]

how to deal with child bullying

How to deal with Child Bullying: A Parent Guide.

Do you feel your child is getting bullied but hiding it from you? Or is your child a bully, and you don’t know? Both are the worst cases for a parent, and one should know how to deal with child bullying. Bullying is prevalent among school children. All of us, at some point in our […]

Future leaders

11 ways to raise your child to become future leaders

How to make your child a successful person? Is it making you re-think on the off chance that you are making the best decision? Nurturing is never simple. As guardians, we are liable for raising them right. It turns into somewhat precarious on the off chance that you are raising the future leaders. All mothers […]

ways to improve your child's mental health

7 ways to improve your child’s mental health during COVID-19

Our children are suffering the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic that has shaken the entire world as well. Even if they have stayed healthy, the situation going around has taken a toll on young people. It isn’t easy to deal with the daily issues plus the sadness of missing important life events and the everlasting […]

Develop Fine Motor Skills in Your Children

One of the biggest priorities for a parent is to develop fine motor skills in their children. It is easy to develop in your children during the ages of 3 to 8 years since it could be beneficial for them to have fine motor skills later on in life. What are Fine Motor Skills? Fine […]

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