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Announcing the Best Children’s Educational Toys for 2021

Simple shapes, bright colors, quality, and non-toxic materials, are vital ingredients for a successful toy. While 2020 forced everyone to become more tech-savvy, 2021 will be a return to fun, imaginative play with a touch of simplicity in our lives. Here are our top 10 Best Children’s Educational Toys for 2021: 

1.Ball Jointed Doll

This 31 cm doll is dressed in a princess-like fashion. With three pink and three blue options, you may have to order more than one of these adorable dolls who can strike a pose for lots of extra fun. Each doll has a different color of hair, such as gold, grey, or pink. It’s fun for your little one to dress these dolls and play make-believe.

2.Kid’s Drawing Projector

Drawing, painting, and sketching are good ways to express creativity and emotion. By using a projector to draw difficult items, your child’s artistic style can be highlighted. 

3.“Make Your Own” Emoji Puzzles

Have tons of fun with all the different emojis created with sturdy felt pieces in four stylized options for the boy, girl, man, and woman.

4.Microwave Oven with Pretend Food

Having a pretend kitchen with pretend food is a fun and safe way to explore food, cooking, and imaginative pretend play. Select food items, then push buttons on this kid-sized microwave, and then watch as it brightens (cooks) the pretend food.

5.Magic Water Drawing Pad

This convenient, simple drawing pad is great fun and no mess! For repetitive drawing, the magic water brings design, drawings, and writings to life again and again. At average room temperature, the watercolor magic disappears after fifteen minutes. There are several options and sizes to choose from.

6.Rainbow Toys

This colorful wooden toy stacks half-pipe shapes to form a rainbow based on a rainbow and comes with matching little wooden people. Whether playing in a fairy tale world or adding a rainbow to their little town, this rainbow toy brings natural beauty into play.

7.Wooden Instruments

With wood and metal crafted into creative shapes and full of color, these xylophones are great educational toys. They bring colors into the world of sound and music, with clear tones chiming out with each tap. A variety of shapes and designs include crocodiles, guitar, caterpillars, and dinosaur.

8.Mini Ukulele

In line with the wooden instrument, these mini ukuleles are fun and teach kids about rhythm, strumming, and music basics. Children enjoy making up their music on this colorful educational toys.

9.3D Wooden Puzzle

All young children love to learn about colors and shapes! This educational puzzle takes it to the next level with a puzzle base with several 3D shapes in bright colors. These various shapes can also be stacked for fun and help with hand-eye coordination.

10.Penguin Trap Toy

This fun indoor board game contains plastic pieces that fit together in a tension style just above the table. The cute penguin needs to be kept from falling through the ice as 2-4 players take turns tapping pieces of the ice away from the tension hold. The person who makes the penguin fall through the ice loses the game. Educationally, this teaches reasoning and cause-effect understanding and skills. Also comes in a cute frog style.

Simple educational toys never go out of style and will be welcomed by kids and parents as many have been ‘stuck’ at home during the pandemic. The wide variety of options in these top 10 educational toys for 2021, as listed above, are sure to add value whether given as a birthday gift, holiday gift, or just because you’re happy to see them. 

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