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Raise a confident child

How to Raise a confident child – Tips and Insight

Being a new or an old parent the thing that concerns them the most is will their child be competent enough with the others? Will he or she be able to locate itself in the survival of the fittest? Are there any ways to raise a confident child? A major concern regarding a child is […]

Skills Your Child Need

15 Skills Your Child Need to be Successful in Future

If you want your child to succeed in life, focus on giving him/her life skills more than education. Particularly, in today’s school system, kids are not prepared well to face the world. There are three types of skills in the world. Hard skills(Relevant to the profession) Soft skill(Leadership, communication, Creativity, Situation handling, Problem-solving, etc.) Middle […]

Let your child make mistakes

Let your child make mistakes – Why is it important?

As a parent, it is alluring to protect children from failure. But overprotective parenting can cause children to become cranky and rebelling. When parents over pamper their children, it becomes difficult for children to face problems on their own. That’s why it is necessary to let your child make mistakes. Overprotective parenting leads children to […]

Selecting the right school

How to select the right school for your child

Most parents find themselves in a fix while choosing a school for their kids. Every parent tries to find the best one for their child where he/she can learn and polish life skills in a better way. They become anxious while choosing a better school for their child. For some parents, it is uncomplicated because […]

Screen Time

Safe and Limited Screen Time- A Guide for Digital Parents

In this era of science and technology, the use of screens is inevitable for anyone. Wherever we go, we see the people around us entangled in the screen. Particularly for kids, unchecked screen time can lead to a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. Uncontrolled screen time can have severe mental and psychological issues for children. Bringing […]

children's concentration in online classes

How to Improve Children’s Concentration in Online Classes

The quick closing of schools due to the covid-19 pandemic has affected the school routines of all children worldwide. Suddenly, kids all over the world are put to learn from home. Either the schools send learning material by mails or they teach online For many children, it is a new experience. It’s not easy to […]

Learning toys for kids

11 Learning Toys for Kids – Choose the right one!

The stage in which a toddler turns into a child is a very crucial one. This is mainly because he or she is learning and adapting to new things and changes. In terms of learning, you need to provide them with something beneficial for them in cognitive and playful ways. During the age, that ranges […]

Child Empowerment

Child Empowerment – Understanding and Why it is important?

As parents and guardians, we want our children to develop self-confidence and a sense of self-worth. We also want our children to grow resilient and respectful towards others. As adults, we know that the traits of determination and resolve are essential when we become responsible in our lives. None of it is complete without child […]

growth mindset

How to Develop a Growth Mindset in Children?

The biggest dream of all parents is for their children to become very successful. But many parents are oblivious of proper child-rearing skills they should opt for their children. The most imperative factor in your child’s success and for his/her bright future is the good upbringing of his/her mindset. If you can develop a growth […]

How to Deal with your Child’s Anger

If you think that only adults have the right to be frustrated or throw tantrums, you are wrong! Children can have occasional meltdowns. Like any other emotion, the child’s anger is also common and is increasing day by day. Some parents fail to understand the difference between anger and aggressiveness. When kids cannot control their […]

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