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Building blocks-children’s best friends

Building blocks, an indispensable educational toy for every child.Above all,building blocks are very meaningful in the field of international children’s education and research. It include almost every aspect of cognitive development. It is no exaggeration to call it a classic among educational toys.

At first,Building blocks can help children recognize colors and shapes. Can exercise the child’s hand-eye coordination. Different types of building block toys can also cultivate children’s spatial imagination, creativity and other abilities.

So what should children of different ages pay attention to when choosing building block toys?

The best in building blocks:Rubik’s Cube

There are many functions of the Rubik’s Cube. As a matter of fact,parents will teach children to recognize colors, numbers, permutations and combinations, multiplication, and geometry through Rubik’s Cube. A Rubik’s Cube can be used in the lives of American children through the third grade. It can be said that it is the earliest and longest building block toy with children.

The choice for all ages

1-year-old baby: The baby’s strength is still small at this time. And it’s too early for smart development. Therefore, we can focus on cultivating the cognition of colors and shapes, and choosing some cloth blocks is the most suitable for children.

2-year-old baby: At this time, the baby has a certain strength and can lift some lightweight plastic blocks.

3-year-old baby: What the baby needs at this time is an enhanced cognition of colors and graphics. Therefore, we can choose light-weight blocks such as Tangram.

5-year-old baby: This age baby can already read the drawings autonomously. And build various objects of your imagination through building blocks. This time is the time to cultivate your baby’s creativity and imagination.

6-year-old baby: At this time, when choosing building block toys, we must consider that in addition to cultivating the child’s potential, we can choose some practical and technical building blocks for the child.

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