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Explore the humanized packaging design of children’s toys.

In the current toy market, the packaging design of each toy is related to various human activities. On the one hand, from the user’s point of view. When using toys, consider whether the user feels comfortable. Or have a specific role to play. On the other hand, for the toy design itself. Whether it is beautiful or in line with the original design concept of the toy. And these aspects are related to humanized packaging design. So let’s take a closer look at these two aspects. And understand what is the humanized packaging design of children’s toys.

Aiming at the inherent characteristics of children’s physical and mental development of toy.

Toys are aimed at the majority of the service groups are children or young people. Then the packaging design of children’s toys should be made from the children’s mental and physical characteristics.

1、Children’s perception of color of toy.

According to the research results of psychological cigars. When people know the objective world. The first consciousness in their mind is the understanding of color. Vision is the most direct organ that connects people to the environment. So people’s perception of color is very keen. Because children do not have enough contact with the outside world. And the physiology is not yet fully developed. So compared with parents, color perception is very different. Children are more likely to associate color memories, such as seeing yellow and thinking of the sun. Therefore, the use and matching of toys in color is necessary to meet the requirements of children’s visual development.

2、Children’s knowledge of pattern shapes and words.

Children have a very important understanding of pattern graphics. And text during their developmental stages. Every object around a child can tell the child what to learn from it. Then in childhood, the correct cognition is forming. So it is very difficult for them to understand the text directly. But according to the degree of development of children. No matter what stage, the sensitivity to pattern graphics is very high. Therefore, the design of toy products often need to give something simple. And easy to understand to the product. And this process of giving is the process of packaging design. To make the visual effects of the product. And children’s physical and mental development needs to match.

Toys have their due role. Compared to children with a certain basic cognitive ability. You can add some simple text to the packaging of the toy. The design of these words should not only meet people’s need to know when buying. But also meet the children in the process of playing. It will have a certain understanding of the text. Therefore, toys as a service to children’s products, from the children themselves to study is the most appropriate.

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