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Indoor games

Fun Indoor Games for kids this Pandemic

This pandemic has turned the world upside down. The adults are traumatized by the situation, but along with them, we should not forget the kids who are suffering severely with their mental and physical health. Since the outdoor activities are totally at a halt due to this deadly virus, parents face difficulties engaging their kids at home to kill their boredom. The easy way they find to engage their kids is to give them gadgets but cannot stop worrying about the long hours of screen time. So we are here to solve all those parents’ problems, facing difficulties dealing with their kids in this time. Here are some of the interesting and fun indoor games for kids that can engage your kids and can also be beneficial for their mental stimulations. So let us hop into it.

  1. Make a pyramid

Don’t have fancy toys? No need to worry. All you need to do is search your kitchen or storeroom for this game.

Things you need:

  • Cans/ Cups
  • A small space to play

How to play:

Give your kids some cans or cups and tell them to stack them up in a pyramid shape as high as they can and not letting them fall. And the kid who stacks up the pyramid without making it fall wins.

This game can improve their sensory and motor skills.

  • Balancing beam:

If your kids want to do something adventurous, then you should try this game.

Things you need:

  1. Different colored Tapes/ ropes
  2. A small space to play
Balancing beam
Source: CPS school

How to play:

Stick different colored tapes on the floor in a straight and zig-zag direction (you can also create a maze). Instruct your kid to choose a specific colored tape and cross that colored tape with one leg without falling and sticking to that colored tape only. The one who completes the game following the rules wins. You can make the game more interesting by making variations in the rules.

This game can improve the brain muscle coordination of the kids.

  • Blindfold listening game:

If you want to try fun indoor games for kids by making things more interesting, you should try this game. All you need to do is empty your plastic waste bucket.

Things you need:

  • An empty ketchup/sauce bottle
  • An empty water bottle
  • A bucket/ pen/ comb (basically anything that makes a specific sound)
  • A cloth or band to blindfold the kid
  • A quiet space

 How to play:

 Blindfold the kid and make him sit or stand a bit distant from yourself. Gather all these things mentioned above and make sound from them. The kid needs to guess the material from which the sound produces. If the kid guesses correctly, he wins.

This game can improve the listening and concentration abilities despite being one of the most fun indoor games for kids.

  • Pitching pennies:

Time to find all those little pennies lost in your wallets for your kids! It is another interesting game that can engage kids for hours.

Things you need:

  • Pennies/ country coins (you can also use small ping pong balls as an alternative)
  • Small paper or plastic cups
Source: ESF

How to play:

Distribute an equal amount of pennies among kids. Place the paper cups at some distance from the kids. Instruct the kids to throw the pennies one by one in the cup in front of them. The kid who throws all the pennies inside the cup wins.

This game can improve the hand-eye coordination of the kids.

  • Indoor bowling

Your kids miss bowling and can’t go out? No problem! You can create a bowling area indoors and enjoy the outdoor bowling experience.

Things you need:

  • Empty water bottles or cans
  • A ball
  • Tape

How to play:

Stack up the bottles and make a pyramid or you can also place them in a line. Mark the bowling lane with a tape. Make the kid stand at some distance away from the lane. Instruct him to strike the bottles with the ball so as all the bottles fall at once.

This game can also improve the kid’s hand or leg eye coordination and can be one of the best fun indoor games for your kids.

  • Ice tower excavation:

If you want to engage your kids for long hours and want them to use their brains, then you can try this engaging game.

Things you need:

  • A big container/ bucket
  • Toys/ beads
  • Tools such as plastic tweezers/ hammers
  • Salt
  • Warm water

How to play:

Fill the container with water and put the toys or beads inside. Freeze that container when all toys are stuck. Instruct the children to rescue their toys by melting or breaking the ice. They can use plastic tweezers or plastic hammers. If the child knows the use of salt, he can use it for melting ice.

  • Musical chairs:

It is the most popular indoor game of all time. Musical chairs are entertaining and exciting at the same time, and no one can ever get bored of them.

Things you need:

  • Chairs
  • Music
  • A fairly adequate space
Source: Medium

How to play:

Arrange the chairs facing the opposite sides and adjacent to each other. The chairs should be one less than the total number of kids so one kid can eliminate in each round. Instruct the kids to move around the chairs and sit immediately on any chair when the music stops. The one who is unable to sit on any chair eliminates.

This game improves the sensory and motor skills of the kids.

  • Hide and seek:

How can we miss out hide and seek when we are talking about indoor games? Hide and Seek has always been the favorite indoor game and is loved by kids of every age group.


Source: Shutter Stock

Things you need:

  • A space where kids can hide easily.

How to play:

One person is assigned to catch the hidden people. All he has to do is turn his back and count, and in the meanwhile, all the other people will find   places to hide. And now the assigned person will find and catch them. If he finds them, he wins.

These are some of the fun indoor games for kids that you can try and keep them engaged while staying indoors without compromising safety and health.

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