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How to Develop a Growth Mindset in Children?

The biggest dream of all parents is for their children to become very successful. But many parents are oblivious of proper child-rearing skills they should opt for their children. The most imperative factor in your child’s success and for his/her bright future is the good upbringing of his/her mindset. If you can develop a growth mindset in children, you can pledge them that he can do anything and succeed. Thus a growth mindset can make your children future leaders. Kids with a better growth mindset can float easily through life challenges and see the world from a different perspective. Parents think they can train their children well by merely correcting and chastising them on every little thing. But the fact is, encouragements and polite commendations can do more.

What is a virtuous Growth Mindset?

 In children, a growth mindset is a credence that aptitude boosts through practice and study. Children with a growth mindset have a propensity to see life trials as occasions and grow forward with self-belief. It is a set of ideas or approaches that can be ascribed from a child’s view of the world. A healthy growth mindset comprises having a primary belief in yourself, decent conduct, improved conscious and being well-mannered. Furthermore, self-belief guarantees you that you can achieve anything in life.

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset: The Two Mindsets Explained - nTask
Source: nTask

The only reason for this self-assurance is a righteous and confident mindset. An inclination to meet life encounters, looking at failure as a catalyst for growth and a desire for knowledge are all features related to a growth mindset. Raise your child with a healthy growth mindset as it has a significant role in framing the child’s character.

Why Growth Mindset matters the most?

As we know a child’s growth mindset is an amalgamation of rudimentary beliefs. And these need to be polished with the age of the child. It is very vital as it plays a central role in the provocation of veiled flairs in children. In a study on school-aged children, it was revealed that students who were not explicitly taught with a growth mindset have low grades. These kids continued to decline in their studies and had no proper outlook for their skills. On the other hand, the children who underwent a growth mindset training showed a significant improvement. When the guides create a proper environment, even the most disadvantaged will show the development. As a result, the surrounding environment plays the most important role. It will result in outshine their most privileged peers. However, the entire life of a child depends upon the mindset he is carrying with him.

“Some children succeed in their lives but some do not with the same talent. In this process, the mindset of children plays a crucial role”

It augments children’s confidence in their abilities

It has been observed that the children who perform inordinately are essentially aware. Those who cannot achieve a position are depriving of a proper growth mindset. To clarify children who are good at something are good because they built that ability. A growth mindset helps the kids to hunt for their abilities and tangibly improve them. A healthy mindset supplements the assurance in children about the things they want to do in their lives.

How it expands the practical life of the child

It has now become a thought that changing and improving the interests of children is helping them to be successful. A growth mindset is very supportive of the progress in the professional life of your kid. It frames the mind of children and makes them prepare for challenges. However, kids that have no confidence in their abilities, set in stones no matter how hard they go.

How To Motivate Your Child To Study | Oxford Learning
Source: Oxford

It Improves learning

Most importantly a growth mindset is really important when it comes to learning. Therefore, it is an acceptance that one’s intellect is full fledge or settle with determination, perseverance, and a concentration on learning. Individuals with a growth mindset have faith in them and are capable of learning nearly anything. As a result, if they work hard and admit challenges and failures as occasions to grow.

15 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset in Children

 The greatest thing parents can do is to impart the love of challenges in their children. Secondly, tell how they can find lessons in mistakes, make them enjoy efforts, and keep on learning. That way their kids will not become slaves of praise.

5 Fulfilling Careers in Child Development | LoveToKnow
Source: Jobs and Careers

They will have a life long way to figure out and mend their confidence. You should make your children believe that they can have what they want as a result of their efforts. Create a strong belief in hard work and consistency in your children. All you can do is to shape the mind of your child in the best possible way. The best ways you can help your children to have a growth mindset include.

  • Make your children accept and embrace their faultiness and never hide them.
  • Teach them to understand the challenges and look at them as new chances.
  • Prohibit them from seeking someone’s support, help them prioritize their learning.
  • Pop different learning practices on your children.
  • You should substitute the word failure with word learning.
  • You should worth the progression and struggle over the consequence.
  • Help children learn well and not learn fast.
  • Isolate the enhancement of your child from the failure.
  • High spot the difference between education and intellect exercise.
  • Place the child’s effort beforehand the inherited skill.
  • Make your child think convincingly about time and effort.
  • Tell them to learn from others’ mistakes and not to repeat similar mistakes.
  • Depict criticism as a constructive attitude in front of children.
  • Don’t reward the inherent traits, instead reward the efforts.
  • Make new goals when the previous one is achieved and never settle down.

Factors affecting the development of Growth Mindset

A child’s mind is not an ampoule that you have to fill with moral ideas. Moreover, it’s already full of innocent ideas that just need to come out for proper enactment. The right approaches and environment aid to develop a growth mindset in children. Astuteness is not static and the abilities of children do not need decisions according to early fallouts. And Expertise is something that establishes with time and the same case is with talent. If you can simply help your children comprehend these factors, you can bring up a great potential with a positive future. The following factors affect the growth mindset positively.

1. Child’s interests

What does your child pick most habitually? When you start gathering data about your child’s interests, you will come to know that he/she has more than one interest. Firstly, you have to find the real one by figuring out the behavior. Never forget that you have to enjoy the journey. However, don’t shove your child to discover what he essentially likes the most, it will kill the main theme.

2. Neurological effects of Surrounding Environment

Children always absorb in a specific learning environment that suits their perception. Environment shapes the mindset of your children when he/she interacts with the surroundings. If your child likes to live alone and undisturbed then you should help him out to interact with people. Help him to collect the basic pieces of training from the surroundings. A favorable and welcoming environment plays a major role in personality grooming.

develop a Growth Mindset in Children

Source: John Hopkins

3. Encouragements and Praise Words

Small sentences we use to appreciate our children play a hidden role in their character development. For instance, a very famous sentence that is very common and needs replacement. We appreciate children saying that you are very smart, as a substitute, we should say “you certainly worked well” or “you worked hard”. The main reason is to elaborate the proper use of encouraging sentences that leave decent imprints on children’s minds.

4. Primary Education

It has been observed that most of the parents do not pay attention to the early education of children. There is a misconception that kids start learning when they enter, they cross five years of age. But the reality is contradictory, as it says 90% development of a child’s brain completes before five. This proves that children learn a lot before the age of five. Moreover, it’s a crucial time for children to decide their whole lifetime behavior and nature.

Child’s acuity about himself

So, here’s the most important thing, what does your child think about himself? The question is not as much difficult as it seems to be. You can get the answer from the behavior of your child. Have you ever questioned your child about his interests and what he/she wants to be in the future? Yes, for sure you asked them but there’s the need to make them confident in their perceptions. Assure them that they can do everything in life through hard work and devotion.

How Parents Can Develop a Growth Mindset in Children?

When the kids are juvenile, they spent most of their time with their parents. No one can train them better than the parents especially the mother. In this regard, parents have a lot of responsibilities that they have to fulfill to develop a growth mindset in children. Moreover, the appropriate role of the parent is to support, encourage, and keep in touch with their activities.

develop a Growth Mindset in Children
Source: Kids in transition

As a result, this will empower the child to key progressive tasks. Specialists have studied the instinct and innate behaviors and the conclusions speak out loud. From their birth children are goal-focused and in the journey of life, they learn from each experience. Parents play a major role in the early brain development and insertion of growth mindset in children.

Trust Bond

Respect and trust are indispensable for a relationship between a child and parents. Developing trust is the most important factor for learning. Firstly, Parents need to create a bond with their young kids which help in understanding. With recurrent constructive tasks and experiences, trust starts to develop between the two. Trust is the basic requirement to make your child start learning things in the right way.

Friendly Parenting

Parents must be the best friends of their children to develop a growth mindset in children. Responsive parenting holds its place at the topmost. Shreds of evidence have shown that strong relations between parents and their kids put a responsible behavior. However, children who feel free to share every single thing with their parents are less likely to fall into problems. Don’t hesitate to play with them, spend time with them to nurture your bond.


No one is perfect by birth but some may have inherent skills. That doesn’t mean other children are not going to be successful. Parents, teachers, and a healthy environment makes the child a responsible and effective person. When children encounter challenges and have no fear of failure, they can make a mark. To develop a growth mindset in children we need to search for their skills and refinement of these abilities. When parents become successful in making their children confident and poised that’s the actual development of a growth mindset.

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