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children's concentration in online classes

How to Improve Children’s Concentration in Online Classes

The quick closing of schools due to the covid-19 pandemic has affected the school routines of all children worldwide. Suddenly, kids all over the world are put to learn from home. Either the schools send learning material by mails or they teach online For many children, it is a new experience. It’s not easy to alter homes into classrooms. However, online learning is a better way of learning but it has caused some problems for children. These problems include a lack of focus and concentration. Parents can help their children through the use of some techniques. By doing some simple tricks you can you can improve children’s concentration in online classes.

Why Proper Concentration is needed?

The education system has a proper cycle. There are some skills that teachers opt to make kids attentive in class. Some skills are needed from the side of the student. Concentration is also known as a skill or quality that helps in absorbing new knowledge. In schools, it is easier to concentrate because kids interact with the teacher in person. But in online classes, it is not possible. Moreover, the child needs to put more effort into concentration and focus on what the teacher is teaching. Similarly, focusing on one thing for a time allows your kid to pick things in a better way. And their creative thoughts flow easier. Concentration is necessary to understand things and new concepts.

children's concentration in online classes

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Children psychology

The school routines are designed with children’s psychology in mind. When a child knows he has to get up in the morning and leave for school, he pays attention to the daily routine. It is easier to focus when they are engaged in daily routines. But it is not the same in online learning. Parents need to create interest in online classes by telling them new and easy ways of understanding. One of the biggest factors is the children’s routine. As in normal days, on holidays, children sleep late and wake up late. In the same way, most of the children do not follow a proper routine during these pandemic holidays. If they are not following any schedule, their whole attention is distracted. This is the major factor in children’s psychology.

How can Parents improve children’s concentration in online classes?

In this age of technology, everything is being transferred to computers and the Internet. The education system is also becoming online. And in the days of the corona pandemic, all the institutes converted to online learning. Online classes and distance learning is a very good and useful source of education. But the major requirement in this regard is attention and keenness. But many children are unable to concentrate properly on online learning. Secondly, they do not manage time properly and feel no interest in learning through online ways. Here are some tips that can help your children improve their learning through online means.

  • Help your children in using online means if they face any difficulty
  • Enhance their attentiveness by creating a supportive atmosphere
  • Check them regularly and ask about their classes
  • Ask them if they have any difficulty in online classes
  • Schedule their routine according to classes as you do for school
children's concentration in online classes
JHU School of Education

1. Establish a structure and routine

Sticking to a schedule provides the stability and consistency. It also minimizes their natures to go rogue. When expectations are set it’s more likely they’ll meet. We, humans, are creatures of habit. If the kids do not hear a school bell to mark them tardy, they might feel sleeping in. Without any schedule, kids cannot get around to schoolwork. Moreover, finding time for learning requires scheduling. Parents need to look at the family’s schedule. They should figure out the things that appear as hurdles in times of learning. Usually, kids who take online classes have no proper routines. Sometimes they wake up at the time of class and join the class in bed. It is a very unhealthy behavior for online learning.

2. Improve their sleep routine

This is the big one because if children don’t get enough sleep even for just one night, they slow down. Normally they are less attentive and their ability to focus suffers. As a result, it becomes hard to remember and learn new things. If they feel sleepy, it also affects their focus and attention. Inadequate sleep also cuts into working memory. It makes your kid less vigilant and reduces the accuracy of mental tasks. On the other hand, if the child has slept properly he will concentrate properly. Parents need to make their children sleep for at least eight hours at the night and two hours in the evening. Moreover, proper sleep will you can improve children’s concentration in online classes. It will also improve their watchfulness and attention. And kids will respond more carefully and quickly.

3. Healthy Diet and Nutrition

Children need vitamins and healthy choices for meals. They have growing bodies with developing brains. The selection of diet for the kids plays an important role in their concentration. The brain needs fat while muscles need proteins. An unbalanced diet with less fat and low proteins is notoriously bad for focus. And if the child doesn’t get essential vitamins and minerals including adequate iron, his ability to concentrate will suffer. Parents have to make a diet chart on their own. By arranging weekly diet plans and balancing diet will help their children in the long run. Provide your children with a balanced diet containing fats, proteins vitamins, and minerals. This will help to regain the focus and interest in online and distance learning.

children's concentration in online classes
Source: Raising Children

4. Proper Hydration

Loss of concentration and focus is a certain side effect of drinking less water. Studies have proved dehydration can also lead to other symptoms that in turn reduce focus. These symptoms include fatigue, low mood, and headache. Even having less than one percent of hydration cause problems in learning and vigilance. Parents should keep their children hydrated properly. Watch your children for appropriate water consumption according to the requirement of the body.  For the proper functioning of brain cells, optimum hydration is very important. Concentration and attentiveness are related to the brain. When brain cells have a proper water supply they provide a good concentration in daily activities. Encourage your children to drink more water. Having plenty of water in their system throughout the day is very helpful.

5. Optimize the house environment

Communication issues and financial burdens and these problems can cause concern for children in the home. If the parents talk about their problems without considering the boundaries, the child becomes overwhelmed. This can destroy concentration and focus during learning. The stress level should not increase in the house especially when the children are taking classes. It makes them aggressive and affects their mood and destroys the focus on classwork. Embellish a peaceful and noise-free environment. It boosts the mood and is very helpful in absorbing knowledge during class. However, the behavior and attitude of parents, their tone, and their way of talking play the central role. This will improve children’s concentration in online classes and make them empowered.

children's concentration in online classes

Source: Jay FeitLinger

6. Introduce physical activities at home

If children don’t get enough physical activity or exercise they won’t be able to focus. Physical activities are very supportive for concentration and focus. A study has shown if people have attention deficits they can sharpen their focus with physical activity. Because physical activities release brain substances linked with healthy learning. Physical activity is beneficial because it causes the hormonal balance in the body. Brain and muscles work properly and at their optimum level. Daily exercise is one of the most operative ways to decrease the symptoms of losing concentration. You can also be a part of their exercise or playing routine. It helps in motivation, improves memory, and delights the mood. Physical activities instantly improve the norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine levels. All these hormones positively affect focus and attention.

7. Reduce distractions

You need to clean out all the distractions from the environment where children study. Children may find it hard to screen out all the distractions. But parents need to pull out all the things that cause interruptions in learning time. It is recommended not to read text messages or use cell phones while learning through online classes. Repeating the same activity every day at the same time eventually turns it into a habit. When your child sits down for class every day at the same time there will be less effort required to make him focus. The mind will know that it has to absorb new knowledge and it will be more willing to study.

children's concentration in online classes

8. Praise their efforts and small achievements

Comment positively on the children’s efforts and help them gain confidence. Encouragements and appreciation can do more for your children. Keep motivating them and advise them not to lose focus. Appreciate your children when he/she is making progress or answering questions online. If your child faces learning challenges, you need to review the online material. And also read the other learning material which the school sends you. Check the material if it is not designed according to the learning habits of your children. Create a suitable learning environment in the house. For example, help your children with the subjects and assignments. This also leads to a growth mindset in children.


Parents need to create a helpful and supportive environment during class time. When their child sits to learn or for the online class he/she should not feel any disturbance. If you have pets, take them away from the children when he is attending the class. Make a routine for your child to free from the toilet before entering the online lecture room. Minimize the distractions around your child and motivate him for proper concentration and focus. In addition, reach out to his tutor, ask for the syllabus and ask questions about the lecture from children. Following these few tips, you can improve children’s concentration in online classes.

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