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Raise a confident child

How to Raise a confident child – Tips and Insight

Being a new or an old parent the thing that concerns them the most is will their child be competent enough with the others? Will he or she be able to locate itself in the survival of the fittest? Are there any ways to raise a confident child? A major concern regarding a child is mental development. Either the child will be confident enough or no. there are many ways to detect if your child is at lacking. The main thing is to look for striking features. If you are among those horrified parents who believe that your child is at a shortfall of confidence then feel free to read more. This article addresses the methods to detect an absence of confidence in children and also ways to boost it efficiently.

Signs that your child has low confidence?

  • Social anxiety

Toddlers and kids who are in the age of 6- 10 months only feel comfortable with their parents or people residing in their homes. When they are exposed to new people outside they throw weird tantrums. Some children cry non-stop and would want their mothers around especially when surrounded by people. This phase normally evades off as soon as a toddler reaches the age of 1 year or beyond. If you notice that despite being above 2 years your child still feels social insecurity and cries in then know that your ward is not confident enough to meet social livings.

  • Fear of talking

Some minors have speech disorders that make them hesitant to talk. However, a child who is devoid of any disability and still does not show interest in talking to anyone is a red flag. This means that the child’s confidence is deficient and you need to take serious account of it.

  • Hiding behind folks

A shy and reluctant child who feels safe hiding behind folks is a sign of low confidence. Your child should be self-assertive enough to face any person either new or old. If you see it the other way round sometimes children often don’t like to mingle with someone they had a traumatic past with. Therefore, if your child is hiding behind you in terror in front of someone don’t just let it be. It might be a clue of the danger they are trying to tell you.

  • Crying over petty issues

A child’s cry can say a lot about his or her personality. When a child is tired and sleepy they cry in a dull continuous tone. A child who wants attention would rather cry in a loud and agitated manner. However, a shy and less self-assured child’s crying is different. They cry in a silent and teary manner mostly when they try to confess something. This is a striking feature that hinders when you think to raise a confident children.

  • Not making eye contact

When a child attains the age of 2 he or she starts to convey their words by mouth. They also start making eye contact. An older child would surely talk more assertively and confidently. However, pay close attention to whether your ward is looking into your eyes while talking or not.

How to raise and boost confidence in children?

  • Demonstrate

The art and science of personality development lie in the way it is taught. Try to teach you how important it is to talk walk in confidence. Show and illustrate ways of how to keep your shoulders intact and not shrugged while walking. Elaborate on how to talk without stammering.

  • Accept their mistakes

Children are pure pearls and get molded the way you mold them. They are beginners and learners in everything. It is very legit that they will make mistakes. Let them do it and try not to react or shower your anger on them. A child who is a constant victim of anger and shouts often ends up with low self-esteem. Once you try to explain them sort comings softly they will automatically learn to become self-assertive.

  • Praise them often

This rule is not just for kids alone but for everyone. The more you praise a child the easier and more boasting he or she becomes. Tell them they are doing well even if they are not. Show them a polite gesture.

  • Play with them
Raise a confident child

The best you can do to boost your child’s confidence is to invest time in playing with him or her. The friendlier and peaceful you make the home’s environment, it becomes easier to raise a confident child. Studies and reports have stated that children who have abusive and toxic relationships at home often raise children with low-self-esteem. They feel a lack of empathy and it makes them more of a shy and less assured person.

  • Approve failure

If your ward is a school-going child and you notice low grades and poor academic performance then try not to complain. Children who are weak in academics often feel insulted by their group mates. An insulted feeling is a trigger warning and a start of shaky confidence. Try to approve their failures and motivate them for good. As a result, slowly and gradually they will learn to rebuild their long-lost confidence.

  • Motivate for participation

Children don’t just participate in everything. You need to motivate them and engage them in activities. A lot of children are afraid of the crowd. Stage fright is another thing kids often encounter. You have to help them and push them positively towards it. Initially, they will be hesitant but sooner or later their future will thank you.

  • Don’t expect everything

A child who feels that he or she has not met the expectation of their elders end up feeling low and isolated. As a result, they get lose confidence. Assure them by saying that it is completely fine to not fulfill everything. Tell them being wrong is acceptable. Make them understand that there is always room for improvement.

  • Encourage them
Raise a confident child

Being a well-concerned parent encourage your child for new things. Tell them to try something different than usual. They will feel very that they are being praised and it will automatically raise a confident child and self-possessive.

  • Self-figuring

Do not let your child be dependent on you for everything. Tell them to ask for things themselves. When you to go a shop and he wants something to tell him to ask the shopkeeper himself about the specifications. If your ward falls off or trips from somewhere try not over-pamper leave them to stand up by themselves. This makes your way to raise a confident child.

The major mistake parents often do is that they scold and scream at their kids in front of others thinking that it will improve them. However, it is a big no! It shatters and deems your child’s confidence and makes him or her feel insulted. There are laws and rules in some countries which have banned screaming and scolding kids. Should they find any parents accused of scolding in public then either of the parents or both will either be charged a fine or will be behind the bars.

Raise a confident child

What are the medical conditions that hinder confidence in children?

  •  Downs syndrome

This is a chromosomal abnormality in children in which there is an extra chromosome. This rare disorder causes the brain to be retarded. The child or even adult has a low IQ and lack of self-confidence.

  •  ADHD

It is a kind of psychotic disorder affecting the brain of the child. The child behaves differently from the other children. ADHD-affected children are often aggressive, shy, loud, and lack confidence. Moreover, children with this disorder are often slow and lacking in every milestone.

  • Mental disorders

Any physical trauma to the brain in early childhood life results in improper brain development. The findings may not be noticed very early but in later years of life children with mental disorders usually present with features such as extreme silence, mood swings, agitated behavior, low level of confidence, stammering, etc.

Final verdict:

The main thing regarding a child’s personality development and growth is how he approaches and reacts towards things and people. The above methods of nurturing will surely help raise a confident child that will become future leaders one day. On the other hand, if your child behaves differently in front of some people and shows restlessness then it is an alarming situation. Children simply don’t avoid the presence of anyone. There might be some other reason. Children who are victims of sexual abuse, harassment, child labor usually present with a very low level of confidence. You have to identify the problem behind and rebuild their lost confidence. Traumatic incidents like these leave a very bad impact on a child’s brain. They don’t forget it easily therefore help them in the best of ways in severe personality disorder cases seek help from a mental health care professional.

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