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Selecting the right school

How to select the right school for your child

Most parents find themselves in a fix while choosing a school for their kids. Every parent tries to find the best one for their child where he/she can learn and polish life skills in a better way. They become anxious while choosing a better school for their child. For some parents, it is uncomplicated because they send their children to a local public school. At the same time, some parents prefer pre-schooling at home. But if you’re looking beyond a local public school, take time to concentrate on what will work best for your child’s personality, strength, needs, and interests. Whatever you choose for your child, careful planning is necessary. Please select the right school for your child because it plays a big part in your child’s successful academic career.

Avoid Early Schooling:

 Don’t rush when it comes to sending your children to school. The best schooling time for children is when they get emotionally stable, self-dependent, and able to care for themselves. There are three main reasons for the early schooling of a child.

  1. School campaigns (That I think is unfavorable). Many schools run campaigns to pep up parents to get their toddlers admitted to the school. It is unfair to the child. A child needs to be pre-schooled at home.                                                                                
  2. Show off to the world. Many people admit their child to elite schools to brag about it even if they have to take loans or live from hand to mouth to pay the school fees.
  3. Escape from the Responsibility: Many mothers send their children to school early to escape from responsibility. Your child is your responsibility. His/her success or failure is your success or failure. A school can only teach subjects better than you. No one can develop mentally, morally, or aesthetically a child better than his/her mother. Please pay attention to your child, make a habit of being a friend to your child, listen to him/her.

Things to consider on how to select the right school:

 While choosing a school, you also need to carefully think a how different schools’ cultures and values fit with your family values and family life. There are a few main points that you need to consider on how to select the right school.

Make a list of your child’s needs:

Before selecting a particular school, you need to think carefully about the needs of your child. Think about what kind of environment is favorable for your child. Analyze your child and ponder upon the following:

  • If your child needs a structured environment?
  • If your child needs a less structured environment?
  • Does your child like more challenging work?
  • Does your child perform well with individual attention?
  • Does your child need extra time and attention?
  • Does your child need special learning aid?
  • Does your child need an environment that nourishes creativity?

Notice your child’s learning style:

Give attention to your child, spend more time with him/her to analyze what learning style is suitable for your child. Do experiments accordingly to see in what learning environment your child learns fast.

  • Does your child learn fast from practicals?
  • Does your child learn quickly by theoretical reading about how something works?
  • Does your child learn quickly by listening to something?
  • Does your child prefer teamwork or discussions?
  • Is your child interested in learning through physical activities?
  • Is your child logical or quick in mathematics?
  • Is your child artistic?
  • Does your child like to work in teams?
  • Does your child like individual learning?

Financial Consideration:

Don’t give your child a big class/status difference in the form of school. Accept your reality and try to give your kids a discrimination-free environment. Never try to show off to the world what you are not. Especially, don’t practice it on your child. Remember that you should give your child higher dreams and don’t try to settle them in the place they don’t belong.

Without understanding the education system, people think that paying a handsome amount of fees can resolve their issues. Don’t let your child study in a school that is part of people who consider them a middle-class school and elite school both are industries. And the main motto of an industry is obviously to earn money. And the most important thing that varies is how much cosmetic they are. The majority of us think that choosing an elite school will sort out everything. So, get it out of mind that a school can make your child a superman. Homeschooling is very necessary for the betterment of a child. As no teacher or coach can educate a child better than a mother.

Find a good Fit:

Select the right school that provides the best learning environment for your child. Parents need to set the following criteria while choosing a school.

toddler sitting on desk
  1. Think about what you want your child to learn. It involves some specific subject and academic difficulty level.
  2. Observe how your child learns better (A particular learning style or curricular environment).
  3. Consider the social needs of your child(Contact level with peers)
  4. Take a look at the scheduling and co-curricular activities offered by the school.

Pick a focus:

Some schools offer a wide variety of learnings other than academic courses. If you want your child to learn another language, choose a school that includes foreign languages at the elementary level. Similarly, if you want your child to get a background in arts or religious slant, select the right school that offers these.

Check out the Academic records:

Exam scores may not tell everything about the school’s performance. But these are important to take an idea of what’s the academic performance of their students. It’s a good idea to analyze a school based on their graduate’s success in academics and upcoming careers.

Make a list of features:

Before selecting the right school, it is convenient to make a list of features you want. Some of the fundamental attributes of an effective school are as follow:

  1. Excellent teachers and staff
  2. Busy, disciplined children
  3. Challenging curriculum
  4. Style of teaching
  5. Routing parent-teacher association

Besides, parents also need to check standardized test scores to ensure that students perform well at the academic level.

Final Visit:

When you have found an appropriate school suitable for your child, you should make a final visit before making a final decision. Take a look at the classrooms, meet the teachers and faculty members. While you are at school, you should be allowed to visit with the admin, teachers, and other parents. It will give you an idea of the overall academic environment of the school.

Ask some Questions:

Before visiting, keep in mind some basic questions to ask. It will help you in getting a clear idea about school. Following are some suggested questions that you should ask while selecting the right school

Select the right school
  1. How are the teachers trained, monitored, and supported?
  2. How are the behavioral issues of children handled at school?
  3. How much homework school assigns to students?

You might also have some other questions based on the specific learning and temperament of your child. Jot down all the questions before visiting to ensure that you may not forget to ask any of these.

Conversate with parents and students:

As teachers and other faculty members are highly trained professionals. So, they’ll offer their best to make your visit successful. But talking to other parents and students will let you know the things as it is. Try to converse with other parents. It will give you an idea of the school is offering the expected quality of education. Ask if the faculty is responsive to the needs or concerns of their students.

Talk with the Principal:

The principal should be overwhelming toward parents. You can ask as many questions as you want to clear all your ambiguities. The dean should also be forthcoming to speak with information about the school, faculty, and teachers.

Go to a PTA meeting:

A PTA meeting is the best opportunity for you to get enough information about a school. You can exchange contacts with parents at the school. PTA meetings are usually open to all the parents and the general public. So, your presence should be welcome.

Consider School’s Culture:

Every school has a distinct culture and teaching methodologies. Every school has different priorities such as sports ethics, religious slants, creativity, and problem-solving.

However, it all depends upon what is suitable for you and your child, based on your finances and home environment. Are you looking for a school with a balance between supports and academics? Or do you prefer the one with arts and creativity, or mathematics and science? Do you want your child to learn in an advanced academic-focused environment with some religious teachings?

Further, most schools provide their academic philosophies in a document like a prospectus, handbook, or charter. Or you might get it on the school’s website. Carefully consider the school’s culture before taking any disclose. This way, you may face fewer or no difficulties in the future. Most importantly, only a parent can select the right school for their children, so choose wisely.

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