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Kids Care Club Projects

Kids Care works with elementary and middle school children to instil a spirit of volunteering at an early age. Volunteering has become a global movement. In this situation, various voluntary service organizations connect volunteers from all over the world.They make the world a better place.

The elderly, young people and even children can find volunteers and become part of the niche of the movement. At this point, if your child has a strong interest in volunteering, you will find that these benefits are two-way. Volunteering can help you and help others.

Given these points, the link above provides an index of some of their projects to give you some ideas for projects you can try with your kids.Or start in their schools.

Kids Care List

1、Carry out a book exchange program. That is to say,Let the children donate the books they have read to the children in remote mountainous areas.Book exchange websites can help connect book owners who are interested in trading their second-hand books with the second-hand books of other book owners. 

2、Organize a Pie Face party at your local nursing home . As I have said,gather your friends and interesting Pie Face games, and plan a fun afternoon.,not to mentionPie Face does not need to learn complicated rules. It is truly a game for all ages without any barriers and suitable for all ages. The player turns the turntable to determine the number of times to spin the toy handle.

3、Set up a book corner for children . As has been noted,each child brings a favorite book at home and puts it in the book corner.

4、Each child took out a dish from the dinner at home, concurrently,put it together.And invited the homeless people in the community to dinner.

5、Set up an old clothes recycling place, where the children put the clothes they can’t wear.

6、Carry out activities of offering love and warmth. At this point,children must regularly clean up and do housework for the disabled . And the elderly who have family difficulties and mobility impairments.

Non-profit organization

7、You can take your children to visit the Wildlife Conservation Association.And children can save up their pocket money and donate it to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

8、You can take your child to the hospital to visit patients, and accompany your child to visit sick friends.

9、Organize a charity party, let the children gather to make decorations for the nursing home, or make some origami for the children in the orphanage. Given these points let each child bring a toy and other items to the organiza.Give it to related charity organizations.

10、Let the children clean up the white garbage in the community every month. And bring their own cloth bags to pick up the garbage in the community every week.

If you like these ideas, check out these tips to teach empathy to your children.These incredible children who carry out community service projects and our day is full of random acts of kindness.

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