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Dolls & Accessories toys that take the appearance of animals are generally called dolls. In Chinese, a doll also means a child, so this word uses to refer to these scaled down dolls. The appearance of dolls ranges from abstract to realistic, covering appearances of different races, ages, and genders; all nations and races are developing dolls with regional and cultural characteristics due to their own needs and cultural backgrounds. The materials use to make dolls, including glass, metal, soil, wood, cloth, ceramics, resin… etc.

Dolls & Accessories toys can all use as materials for making dolls.  In ancient societies, human figures are often substitutes for real people in rituals. Later, this kind of human figure became more exquisite and developed into decorations and toys. It is generally referring to as a toy for children to comfort and play with. The design of some dolls will reflect the popular and ideological trends of the society, and hope to cultivate children’s sense of identity with social roles. In addition, there are also dolls like cat dolls, animation dolls and other adults who collect platform design dolls.

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