Dress Up & Pretend Play

Dress Up & Pretend Play is a beauty cosmetic suitable for children’s face, eyes and lips. Including foundation, powder, lipstick, eye shadow. And other types of products. Its main function is to use color changes to give the skin color, trim the skin tone or strengthen the shadows of the eyes and nose to increase the three-dimensional effect. Although many parents will not allow their children to learn makeup at a young age, they cannot prevent their children from doing makeup during performances such as Children’s Day, New Year’s Day and party performances.

Young mothers said that children learn to dance since childhood and often join in performances and competitions. They need Dress Up & Pretend Play tools. The cosmetics the teacher uses for the children are adult cosmetics, and they not use children only cosmetics. In some special place, adult cosmetics are basically used when children make up. Many adult cosmetics are highly harm and contain harmful things such as hormones or toxic things while children’s skin is weaker against bacteria.

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