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Toys & Games, are Children’s toys refer to products that are designed or intended for children under the age of 14 to play. And are processed and used for sale, except for those products that are difficult not for children to play with.

It’s  main types of children’s toys are: image toys. technical toys, assembly toys. And construction and structure toys. Not onlu sports activity toys, music and sound toys, but  labor activity toys, designing toys and homemade toys. The general educational asks for toys are: to promote the all development of children’s physical, moral, IQ and beautiful; to meet the age things of children, Toys & Games to satisfy their happiness, activeness and desire for  activities; to be beautiful in shape and to make the big characteristics of things. The activities are change, which helps to encourage learning. It meets simple requirements, the color is beautiful, easy to clean and beautifult; it meets safety requirements, etc.
Firstly, Toys & Games, improve children’s happiness. Secondly, Enhance perceptual understanding. Thirdly, Cause united activities. Positive thinking and imagination.Lastly, Help make collective ideas and cooperative spirit.

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