Newborn Baby Clothes Cotton Half Back Two-piece Suit

Newborn Baby Clothes Cotton Half Back Two-piece Suit


Newborn baby clothes with four seasons pure cotton sideways buttoned design bust comfortable top.

Note that it is two pieces

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The spring and autumn cotton half-back coat for newborn babies of 0-3 years old is a more suitable half-shirt for newborn babies. First, the Newborn baby clothes material is pure cotton, which is more comfortable and soft. Secondly, this newborn baby clothes sideways cardigan design makes dressing easier. And the design of the handguard can well protect the baby’s hand and prevent scratches.

newborn baby clothesNewborn baby clothes are designed with sideways open placket for easy dressing and comfortable wearing.

Many baby clothes now have a side-opening design, especially for newborn babies. This is because the newborn baby’s skin is more delicate and cannot swing the limbs greatly. Because at this stage, the baby’s bones are very fragile and need to be protected. Therefore, such a sideways cardigan design can protect the baby well, expand the dressing space, and make it more comfortable to wear. Some clothes with zippers are not suitable for babies. The materials are too hard and can easily cause damage to the baby. Therefore, the open-front design of these baby clothes can play a good role in protecting the baby.

The long half-length design prevents the baby from wetting clothes and keeps them dry.newborn baby clothes

When changing the baby’s diapers, some parents can easily soil the clean clothes, or they can only let the children take off the clothes for a change. This is not very convenient for parents. Then the long design of this bust can solve this problem well. First, the newborn clothes can protect the baby from catching a cold, keep the skin dry, and help parents solve a problem. Secondly, the baby is easy to wet clothes, and for the length of the half-length, baby clothes is straightforward to avoid the baby wet clothes, which can be very convenient to wash.

newborn baby clothesThe boneless design makes the fabric smoother and more comfortable to wear.

Many clothes are sewn with a certain amount of leftover material. This kind of production method is not very good for babies. Because the baby’s skin is delicate, the degree of comfort is more obvious, and there will be a strong foreign body sensation. So choosing a boneless design is a more appropriate choice. When the baby puts on the Newborn baby clothes of this newborn baby, it will be more comfortable and smooth.

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Four Seasons-Yellow A, Four Seasons-Blue A, Four Seasons-Pink A, Four Seasons-Pink B, Pink C, Yellow C, Blue C

Reference Height

52cm, 59cm

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