145 PCS Art Painting Set for Children

145 PCS Art Painting Set for Children


This art painting set toy can help children further develop their intelligence, drawing skills, and creativity.

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When children begin to recognize colors and become interested in drawing, their artistic cells are stimulated. This is when babies need an art painting set for Children to help them further develop their intelligence, drawing skills, and creativity. This art painting set toy must be the perfect outfit. Let the baby directly feel the fun of painting.

A variety of colors and varieties

First of all, there are 145 brushes in the art painting set, including 33 color watercolor pens, 24 color wax sticks, 28 color pencils, 24 color powder pigments, 24 watercolor pigments, etc.

Whether from the variety of tools or the diversity of colors is complete. With this art painting set of brushes, children can draw watercolors, cartoons, crayons, oil paintings, and more. Babies can enjoy the display of their artistic talent.

Easy To Carry Around

Such a large number of brushes need a reasonable way of storage that will not be disorderly, conducive to using the next painting. In terms of storage, this set of brush tools is made of a fine aluminum carrying case. Once opened, there are two layers, each neatly arranged, with different color types in place.

The suitcase is fine artistry, a beautiful appearance, and a novel design, very popular with babies. This practical, beautiful, and elegant children’s stationery gift box will make a great gift.

Painting can promote children’s creativity

Early doodling has many benefits for children’s growth and development. First of all, painting can exercise children’s observation ability and promote children’s ability to focus. Children draw pictures of the world as they see it.

In addition, in painting, children can have access to a variety of brushes, which can quickly and well explore children’s practical potential and wisdom. Above all, painting is an art. It allows children to develop creative thinking and imagination. This is very important for the children’s future development.

Additional information

Dimensions 34.5 × 23 × 4 cm

blue, pink, yellow

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