3D Dragon Kite Outdoor Toy

3D Dragon Kite Outdoor Toy


This 3D dragon kite outdoor toy has many functions and advantages, promoting children’s health and happy play between parents and kids.

Size: 145 * 150 cm

Material: high-quality polyester

Color: Green

Packing: Kite foldable, plastic bag

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When spring comes, it is a good time of the year for families to go out for a spring outing. Flying a kite on the lawn is an enjoyable pastime. Look at this 3D dragon kite outdoor toy, and it will bring surprises to the family.

Functional Diversity, Many Advantages

First, this toy kite is made of high-quality polyester fiber. It is not easily damaged and can be free in the wind, and has good endurance. Second, the kite is shaped like a 3D dragon. The huge green dinosaurs flying in the air are cute and fun and are popular with children and parents. Thirdly, it is a soft inflatable kite, which is also portable and easy to fly. The kite also has a joystick that controls its direction and altitude.

Promote Children’s Health

Spring is sunny, and the temperature is just right for kids to get out and exercise. Flying kites gives children good exercise in all parts of their bodies, helps relieve stress, and has many benefits.

First of all, flying a kite helps to promote happy play between parents and children. Parents and children take part in the game of flying kites. While playing, it also promotes the closeness of family relations and the development of children’s mental health. Second, flying kites is also good for children’s eyesight. Children overlook the kite flying freely in the sky, adjust the eye muscles and nerves, eliminate eye fatigue, and relax the body and mind’s role. Finally, children flying kites in the fresh air on the lawn also promotes blood circulation in their bodies, and it is not easy to get sick.

Don’t forget some cautions. When flying this dragon kite, stay away from tall buildings, telegraph poles, and trees. Children should fly a kite safely under the care and guidance of their parents. After all, safety is the most important thing when children are playing.

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Dimensions 145 × 150 cm

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