400mm fixed wing 4 minutes Sky Technology runs electric plane
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400mm fixed wing 4 minutes Sky Technology runs electric plane


400mm wingspan operability full shed flight time 4 hours technology-sensing electric aircraft.

  • Note: The parents must accompany children over 12 years old to play.
  • Size: Wing 400mm, fuselage length 317mm
  • Product Manual:2019102021463476105-EAC-A5
  • Battery: In the box, pay attention to check the box

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400mm fixed wing 4 minutes Sky Technology operation electric aircraft has EPP material fuselage. As a leader in the sky, this aircraft utilizes some specialized mechanical structures of propellers and gearboxes. This airplane toy greatly improves the aircraft power and time. The convenience of remote control operation and the unlimited usability of USB charging extend the aircraft’s service life.

Professionalization of realistic appearance and internal structure guide children to understand the concept of aircraft.

The Remote control plane that children often play tend to understand the shape, so they learn less about the airplane’s actual structure and flight operations. This electric plane is likely to become a child’s favorite for children interested in science and technology. so This electric plane’s special material looks closer to the real plane from the outside. The child will have a clear understanding of the aircraft from the outside. Secondly, its internal structure has a gearbox power system. In terms of power, the Remote control plane has surpassed other aircraft models. And they are particular about the installation and use of propellers. The entire aircraft interior is full of professionalism and knowledge.

Highly demanding operational remote control and technical mastery

Due to the lifelike particularity of this airplane toy, there are corresponding difficulties in operation. Through the control of the remote control handle, we can see that the direction of the handle has become an unfixed direction, so in remotely controlling the aircraft, certain requirements are for the direction’s sensitivity. Besides, the direction setting of the airplane is opposite to that of the glider. This remote control plane’s spiral flight is also a major feature, but it is also a challenge. So both indoors and outdoors need to have enough space. This will ensure safety. Faced with the instability of the child’s control of the direction, it is recommended to proceed with the parents’ care in the early stage of play. This will not only protect the children’s safety, but parents can also enhance mutual understanding in the process of guiding their children to play.

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Dimensions 31.7 × 40 cm

1 Battery, 2 Battery, 3 Battery

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