The Domino Game Car Educational Toy Set
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The Domino Game Car Educational Toy Set


Automatic placement of Domino trains lovely appearance, free directional change, battery-driven, playtime for longer exercise your child’s ability to work with your body and enhance color recognition and bring dominoes to your child’s different pleasures.

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Domino’s train is a toy that automatically places dominoes and is easy to use. And the appearance is charming, suitable for children over three years old to play.

The play of Domino train that are automatically placed

This is a toy set that both boys and girls can play with. Depending on the needs of the children, you can buy dominoes of 60 or 80 pieces. It’s included one domino rally train, one plastic cactus, and a domino clip in every set of toys.

Domino’s trains use batteries to control their power. Therefore, direct contact with the current is avoided. This means that children can play with train toys without touching the power supply. Second, these train toys can automatically place dominoes. Place the dominoes on top of the Domino train with a special domino slot on the top. Then turn on the train’s switch. The toy can move and start placing dominoes. The chimney on the Domino’s train is the steering wheel, adjusted to change direction. This is the basic operation of this truck. Simple and easy to get started; it’s fun and safe for kids. Second, the train can also be a separate toy. You can play dominoes, and you can play with trains.

Exercise your child’s hand-eye ability to improve color recognition

Exercise your child’s hand-eye ability to improve color recognition. This domino train can move in a straight line and adjust its direction through the chimney. At the same time, dominoes were constantly placed on the ground after the train started. So these are two parts at the same time. Then children should pay attention when playing. Both the dominoes can be placed at the same interval, and the direction can be controlled. It’s fun and exercise for kids. In playing, children can concentrate, the eyes of the eyes have been locked on the train, pay attention to the hand and eye cooperation. Also, each domino has its own color, which is random when placed. So it also exercises your child’s sensitivity to color.

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Dimensions 16 × 7 × 10 cm

60pcs Red, 60pcs Transparent, 80pcs Red, 80pcs Transparent, 80pcs Red box, 80pcs box, 60pcs Red box, 60pcs box

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