Baby Balance Bike Toy

Baby Balance Bike Toy


This baby balance bike toy is a vehicle suitable for children to have fun, which can improve your baby’s body balance.

How to install this baby balance bike toy?

Color: black, white, red, blue, pink

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As children grow up, they need a toy car to play outdoors with the neighbors. I think this baby balance bike toy is a good choice. For one thing, it can help children exercise their balance. On the other hand, it also enables children to make more friends. Why not?

A vehicle suitable for children to have fun

First of all, the children’s balance bike toy is made of solid carbon steel, which provides a safe guarantee for children to play outdoors. Secondly, the installation is simple and light. Parents only need to follow the installation video to install the handlebars, wheels, and seat in the corresponding position and use the screwdriver to tighten. What’s more, the baby balance bike is available in a variety of colors. Black is deep, and white is contracted, gules enthusiasm, blue is bright, pink is tender. The balance bike can also adjust the seat up depending on the height of the child. The seat can adjust up to 36cm.

The joints of the baby’s balance bike toy are coated with wheel-pumping oil. The handlebars can rotate 160 degrees. This gives children a good sense of direct control. Note that this baby balance bike has no pedals or handbrake. This requires children to ride on flat and smooth ground as far as possible to avoid excessive slope and speed, which is difficult to control. If the speed is a little high, children can touch their feet to the ground and slowly slow down. Children aged 3-6 should play under the supervision of their parents.

Improve your baby’s body balance

Balance is important for the healthy development of a child’s body. Good balance not only helps kids feel a strong sense of security but also boosts cognitive, spatial, and attention skills. This baby balance bike toy is a great way to exercise children’s balance in this respect. Practice in the family’s flat door, it is believed that it will not be long before the children harvest perfect physical coordination ability.

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Dimensions 55 × 20 × 42 cm

black, white, red, blue, pink

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