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Baby Early Autumn Wave Point Cotton Hooded Jacket

Baby Early Autumn Wave Point Cotton Hooded Jacket


Baby spring and autumn cotton wave point cute Hooded Coat zipper design fashion coat dot element cute fashion cuff elastic design comfortable version good-looking

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Baby early autumn Polka Dot Cotton Hooded Jacket is a jacket specially designed for children in spring and autumn. It’s wave point and lace with the design of more vitality and lovely. And the hooded design can protect children from wind and cold in many directions. Secondly, the elastic design of the zipper and cuff can also protect the baby and keep the baby’s body temperature.

baby coatThe hood and elastic cuffs are designed to protect children in all directions.

The early autumn season is often accompanied by wind. Children must resist the wind and cold when they need protection most. This hooded jacket is designed to take care of children’s heads in many ways. When you go out and meet windy weather, you need to wear a hat to avoid cold. And it is not a detachable design; the reason is that a baby coat can reduce the probability of wind blowing into the clothes and maintain the temperature to a great extent. Secondly, the cuff and hem of the hooded jacket are designed with elastic bands, which can resist the wind to a certain extent. When children play, too much design of clothes may make children’s movement inconvenient. The cuff design of this coat solves this problem well, keeps the design of clothes sharp and simple, and enables the baby to play happily and without worry.

The combination of the polka dot and lace of the coat shows the loveliness and coat

The reasonable use of elements can add to the overall shape of clothes. So for the baby’s clothes, they also need to comply with this concept. Add some lovely elements to the baby’s clothes. The children will not only be more lovely but also be happier to see these lovely patterns. So this hooded jacket is a mix of polka dots and lace. The elements of wave points are just like bubbles full of vitality. They are very playful and suggest that the baby is happy every day. The flower itself is charming, giving people a pleasant mood. The pocket part uses the lace element. Just like the small bud, the child can find happiness from nature. In addition, the zipper design provides convenience for the baby to put on and take off.


baby coat baby coat

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