Baby Music Bed Bell Toy

Baby Music Bed Bell Toy


This baby music bed bell toy is easy to install and feature-rich, playing soft music and having a small night light. a spinning bell with music that hangs in a crib and glows at night. Create a romantic and lovely sleeping space for your child.

Color: Blue

Battery: 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Package list:
1 music box; 1 crib moving arm; 1 support arm; 1 bell ring; 1 hanger; 1 infrared remote control; 4 x hanging toy,1 screwdriver

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When children first come to the world, the stroller’s perspective is the beginning of their view of the world. Parents should start to create a beautiful fairy tale world for children from a young age to grow up in an atmosphere full of love and warmth. Then take a look at this baby music bed bell toy.

Easy To Install And Feature-rich

This toy’s main part consists of one supporting arm, one music box, and four hanging toys. It should be installed directly above a baby bed or car seat. Clip the groove to the bed’s edge railing and tighten it with a screw. Besides, the baby music bed bell toy has a lot of functions. First of all, four cute cartoon toys can rotate 360 degrees to attract the baby’s attention to exercise the baby’s eyes, which can also be independent small toys to play alone. Secondly, the music box above has a small night light. When the baby is sleeping, you can use a soft night light instead of a dark room so that the baby feels safer to sleep at night.

Music Bed Bell Toy Helps Kids Feel More Secure

As the babies lay in the stroller, they could feel themselves leaving their mother’s warm embrace. Babies often cry because they are afraid of being left alone in a stroller. The toy that grabs their attention at the moment and plays soft and beautiful music can help ease their insecurity greatly. What is more, it can also relieve the tiredness of mothers. At the same time, it can let mothers feel relieved to do housework. What the most important function is to play music. The music box contains 150 soft songs and so many children’s songs and nature’s sounds. A soft, soothing rhythm is better for babies to fall asleep.

Cot wind chime with music is a toy that can be hung on a crib to make a nice ring. Wind chimes are full of cute little accessories. The child saw the toy as if he had seen a star. The small ornaments of the sky illuminate the child’s world like stars.

Wind chimes are like stars for children.

The meaning of wind chime is perfect; it can bring luck and hope. Every ornament hanging from the wind bell represents a shining star. In the child’s pure eyes, leaving the best traces of the stars. When the child sleeps in a crib, you can see the nice wind chimes as soon as you open your eyes. And the color of wind chimes is also beautiful. When the child wakes up from his sleep, he sees no longer a ceiling without life but a lovely and playful wind chime. Children will be attracted to wind chimes, and the number of distresses will be reduced. There is a small animal on every pendant of this toy. There are bees, chickens, lambs, and so on. They’re all lovely animals. Children will like it very much.

Additional information

Dimensions 59 × 23.5 cm

Blue, Pink

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