Baby Seven Points Pants Long Lantern Trousers

Baby Seven Points Pants Long Lantern Trousers


Baby’s Capris lantern pants are designed to be fresh and non stick to the body. The floret design is lovely and plaid pattern is tiled and lively. The hem of the pants is not tight.

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Baby seven points trousers long lantern trousers is a seven cent trousers long summer baby girl pants. Its lantern trouser leg shape can play a dry role, will not stick to the skin, and keep fresh. Secondly, its lattice design is lively and lovely, and the small icons of small flowers are more lovely. The ruffle design of the trouser edge also protects the surrounding skin, which is not tight and durable.

Fabric formula that is not easy to wrinkle and modeling design of bloomers.

These bloomers are 40% cotton and polyester. This makes the fabric of pants have the characteristics of cotton sweat absorption and refreshing and have the characteristics of not easy to fold. In terms of overall flatness, this fabric is perfect. When children wear these bloomers, they will not wrinkle them too much and hide dirt no matter how they play. Secondly, the modeling design of bloomers is also because of the high temperature in summer. The loose leg design makes it not tight in summer and not easy to stick to the skin. Keep dry to some extent. Besides the design of the pants, it is not easy to keep the good shape. The flat pants surface also reflects the texture of the pants.

The plaid pattern and floret decoration are lovely and girl pants

The design of the lattice baby girl pants has a lively feeling visually. The lattice on this pair of bloomers looks like a chessboard. The chessboard seems to have jumping thinking and a lively feeling. When this concept is applied to the design of trousers, the lively quality is shown. The baby will be more lively and happy when wearing it. The second is the decoration of small flowers. Flowers and plants are the representatives of beautiful things and have good morals. When you decorate your plants with small flowers, you just want to bring good expectations to your baby and let them grow up happily. In addition, some details of the bloomers are also very protective of the baby.

In particular, the design of the trouser edge adopts the sewing technique of Ruffle edge. It can protect the baby’s skin to a certain extent and has a certain relaxation space.

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