Baby sweater
Baby sweater Spring Autumn Contrast Color V-Neck

Baby sweater Spring Autumn Contrast Color V-Neck


Baby’s color contrast design in spring and autumn, color collision V-neck thread design, thick and comfortable fabric, vertical feeling, light yellow and green.

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Baby spring and autumn contrast color V-Neck Sweater is a loose coat for spring and autumn. It mainly uses pure cotton material to ensure sufficient comfort. Secondly, its jacquard design and color contrast design are relatively innovative. On the whole, it is full of vitality.

Baby sweaterThe production technology and thread design of double-layer sesame bottom take care of your baby.

The demand for knitwear is relatively high. Because its knitting form will make the version of clothes more prominent. There are also requirements for flatness and sag. Therefore, this baby Sweater T-shirt adopts a double-layer fabric design and sesame base production technology to improve the texture of the whole dress. Due to the double-layer design, the fabric thickness of the clothes is also hot. In addition, this production process is also very delicate, which makes the baby more comfortable to wear. In the detail design, especially the corner position of the clothes, the thread design is adopted. Sweater not only has the feeling of tightness but also makes the baby more comfortable to wear. Secondly, this design also protects the needle and thread, which is not easy to break. This technology is also used at the cuff to make the baby warm and comfortable.

The jacquard design pattern is more dynamic, and the color contrast design enhances the sense of design.Baby sweater

The detailed design of knitwear is usually decorated with simple patterns, which look simple and generous. Therefore, this baby sweater adopts a jacquard design in the pattern. The irregular design breaks the single version. When the baby puts on this dress, it is lively and full of vitality. Secondly, the matching of color contrast elements is also very innovative. It has two main colors, light yellow and green. These two colors are very vibrant. The baby is also more beautiful and refreshing. Secondly, the color matching of details adopts a mixture of two or three colors, vivid and characteristic.

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Yellow, Green

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80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm

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