Bath toys Cartoon Shark Big Fish Eat Small Fish

Bath toys Cartoon Shark Big Fish Eat Small Fish


Bath toys are beneficial to children’s intellectual enlightenment. The shape of the shark will make children like it more.

Material: ABS

Color: Colorful

Quantity: 1 set

Package size: 34*19*14cm/13.36*7.47*5.50inch(L*W*H)

Package Weight: 240g

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bath toys
bath toys shark toys

Bath toys are good for children. In my opinion, many children nowadays don’t like bathing when they are young. They all think bathing is a painful thing. So every time parents bathe their children, it isn’t easy. As we all know, bathing is very beneficial to our body. So we must make children fall in love with bathing. The most effective way at this time is to prepare some bath toys for the child. This toy is a shark toy. After all, children are very fond of and curious about sharks.

Bath Toys can Develop Hand-eye Coordination.

When the baby is in the bath, he must like to play with bubbles in various ways. He may grab bubbles with his hands or blow bubbles with his mouth, trying to make it move. These can help babies develop hand-eye coordination. The shark toy imitates the big fish and eats the small fish. The specific gameplay is to let the big shark eat the small fish in the water.

Stimulate Language Development

Parents can often talk to the baby when bathing, which can help the baby’s language development. Talking to your baby can help him understand more vocabulary and speed up his language learning. So we can guide the children by the side. Ask him what color fish to let the shark eat. This can exercise not only his language skills but also exercise the ability to distinguish colors. So bath toys are good for children.

bath toysEncourage Emotional Development

When the baby is in the bath, no matter how he plays, he can be taught the fun of taking turns and playing together. Hug your baby after bathing and share the time. Bath toys can show him that he is loved and help build his self-esteem.

Promote Physical Development

Provide a variety of bath toys for the baby to explore and discover the fun of bathing through his hands. Babies can learn about their body parts faster by grasping the toys. Because you know yourself better, you can promote physical development.

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Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 34 × 19 × 14 cm

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