Blackboard with Magic Pen Painting Coloring Book Toy

Blackboard with Magic Pen Painting Coloring Book Toy


This blackboard with magic pen painting coloring book toy can open children’s imaginations and cultivates their creative thinking.

Suitable Age: Above 2 years Old

Color: Blue, Pink


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Is there anything that opens children’s imaginations and cultivates their creative thinking more than painting? During childhood, let children distinguish between bright colors in a painting, and feel the joy of creating a picture from one stroke to another. This blackboard with magic pen painting coloring book toy will provide a different experience for children.

Fun and cute portable drawing book

This wonderful soft blackboard picture book is specially designed for babies. First, the inside pages of her canvas material are made of plastic canvas. They are waterproof and easy to clean. After drawing, you can use a wet cloth to remove the notes and reuse them. This toy is very easy to use and clean. Besides, it is suitable for children over two years old to use. This is a chalk portable drawing book for infants at the sensitive stage of drawing. At this stage, children have a full desire to express themselves. They are eager to express their ideas through language, behavior, or painting. Also, each toy set comes with a drawing book (containing six pages) and six colored, dust-free pens, which are not harmful to the child’s physical and mental health.

Exercise children’s thinking and imagination

Children draw pictures of what they see, hear, think and think. The child’s ability to assign different identities to objects and images in everyday life is a further development of language skills. Parents can silently pay attention to the children’s words and pictures, and try to understand the children’s spiritual world from the images. If the children do not understand the picture, you can try to communicate with the baby. Parents just need to be patient and happy to listen to their children’s stories. Never question or stop a child’s ability or imagination. In the long run, I believe that children will be able to stimulate their own creative thinking through this painting book.

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Blue, Pink

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