Wooden Rainbow Bead Board Game

Wooden Rainbow Bead Board Game


Beads Rainbow Toy is an interesting educational toy. It can help children develop their intelligence, train their thinking, and cultivate their good meticulous work habits.

Package Size:27.3*20.7*5cm

Features: Board Game/Kids Education

Number of people:2-4

Material: Wooden

Keep away from fire and water.

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Brand new and high quality

Our wooden bead game is made of high-quality wooden materials. Besides, this bead game’s paint is environmentally friendly, so we can ensure our product doesn’t hurt your kids and health. Similarly, it can bring your kids to close to nature. Plus, we make sure that our products are all brand new, don’t worry about that.

Multi-function play

The wooden bead game provides kids with a different play. Children can connect two or more beads to eliminate a whole row of dots. Therefore, this game is exciting and requires children to think. Therefore, this strategy game is suitable for multiple people to play and is a family gathering. Through such competitions, children can increase friendship, exercise thinking skills, and hand-eye coordination. Children can also use beads to create a variety of intricate and beautiful patterns. We provide a lot of beads for children to choose from and use. They can use their imagination to design their favorite patterns. This game can exercise their counting ability and can also cultivate their aesthetic ability. Board games are suitable for kids. The board game is a puzzle game that significantly improves children. When the child reaches the appropriate age, he has a strong sense of everything in this world. So in the process of learning, children will use their imagination more. At this time, mothers should choose a suitable board game toy for their children. As we all know, early childhood is a critical period of psychological development in a person’s life. This period is beneficial to the formation of children’s healthy psychology and enhances their social adaptability. Board games can promote children’s physical and mental development and improve children’s awareness of competition, independent performance, and group awareness. In this way, the child will develop a good psychological quality and promote the level of competition. board games

Board Games Promote the Development of Personality

As a form of aesthetic education and moral education, game activities develop simultaneously with children’s physical coordination, balance, and psychological quality. Board games can cultivate an orderly mind, growing concentration, and build memory. Somebody said that board games have different tunes and similar functions. Through games, children can experience the joy of success and learn to interact with others. After all, the board game will inevitably promote the development of children’s personalities. And the game beads come in different colors, and children can combine these beads arbitrarily.

Leading the Development of Children’s Abilities

All in all, playing board games can promote brain development. In playing chess, children can perceive each side point’s number and arrangement, which is conducive to exercise children’s ability to detect the number of objects visually. After all, board games are a novel and attractive, simple and easy game form. It can help children develop their intelligence, train their thinking, and cultivate their good meticulous work habits. It is also a meaningful way to create children’s social interaction. So children learn to think, communicate, and cooperate in chess games.

Vivid color

We design this kind of wood bead game in tons of vivid colors. All these colors are bright, attractive for your kids, and good for your kids’ eyesight. Every child would fall in love with this beautiful toy; if you can buy it for your kids, they will be pleased and excited.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 27.3 × 20.7 × 5 cm

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