Braille rubik’s cube blind braille souptoys magic cube
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Braille rubik’s cube blind braille souptoys magic cube


Braille Rubik’s Cube

suitable for everyone ESPECIALLY FOR THE BLIND

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Braille Rubik’s Cube is designed for blind people. Unlike the traditional ones, which use color to define squares, this product is engraved with convex symbols(Braille). For example, there will be convex symbols in 3 x3 of Cube, meaning 1-9 on each square surface.

This product can be used by blind people and people with normal vision. For children, it can achieve the effect of ordinary ones but also exercise children’s tactile sensitivity.

Rubik’s Cube for Blind Children

Braille Rubik’s Cube is the Cube that distinguishes squares with convex symbols. Blind children can not recognize different colors, so they can not play ordinary Cube,either. However, as we all know, Rubik’s Cube is a toy that can train children’s memory ability, reaction speed, and brain intelligence. For blind children, this product can fill the gap well, so those blind children can also enjoy the  Cube and exercise their own speed and ability. So, if you or your child have a visual impairment, this product will be your best choice.

Everyone can play with

The Braille Rubik’s Cube is not limited to blind people. Whether blind or not, you can play this product. Because convex symbols are straightforward to learn, you can remember all the numbers represented by the convex symbols after a little time. Therefore, this product is also very friendly for people with normal vision. Not to mention for children who are not sensitive to touch, this Braille Cube can also improve children’s tactile sensitivity! If you are an adult, you can also choose this Cube. Except for the convex symbol, it is the same as the ordinary ones. You can buy it to feel different hand experiences.

Fine workmanship

This Braille Rubik’s Cube uses safe materials, non-toxic and harmless. You do not have to worry about any safety problems. The shape of each square is the same. The structure of the is also excellent. The product wriggled smooth and light, so the game experience is excellent. The 3x3x3 one is only 85 g; you can take it with you anywhere.

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