Bubble Machine Children’s Indoor Outdoor Party Toys

Bubble Machine Children’s Indoor Outdoor Party Toys


Bubble Machine is an interesting and funny toy. All babies love bubble machines. Frog Automatic Bubble Machine is a good gift. Just top up with bubble liquid, plugin, and play.

Plastic Type: ABS

Material: Plastic

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Bubble Machine is an interesting and funny toy. All babies love bubble machines. No matter how old children. And including adults, can hardly resist the temptation of color. The appearance of this toy is like a frog. So it looks fascinating and cute. And it is fully automatic, and you only need to install bubble water to produce a lot of bubbles. What are the benefits of children playing with bubbles?

Bubble Machine is Easy to Operate

Ordinary bubble blowing is a child holding a bubble cup in one hand. Hold the bottle in the other hand and dip it into the bubble liquid. However, some are bubble guns that require the baby to pull the trigger. Some require the baby to wave a bubble wand to form the wind. Some require the baby to blow bubbles and so on. But our bubble machine does not require children to blow by themselves. You only need to pour bubble water into the bubble machine. Then press power. This way, it will automatically blow out a lot of bubbles.

Visual Chasing Ability

The bubbles fly a little slow, some fast, some high, some low. In this way, the children’s eyes follow the bubbles. In this process, the child’s visual chasing ability is exercised. So this is a good thing for children’s eyesight and concentration.

Hand-eye Coordination

Children need hand-eye coordination when catching bubbles. Or the process of dipping the bubble liquid during bubble blowing is also a good way to practice hand-eye coordination. Chasing bubbles, grabbing bubbles, and stepping on bubbles can improve a baby’s hand-eye coordination. It will also stimulate his senses and cultivate physical coordination.

In short, our toys can produce a lot of bubbles with almost no noise. Let people be in a beautiful bubble world. The bubbles are colorful, and kids will love them very much. A high-performance motor is installed in our bubble machine, producing more than 800 bubbles per minute. So it is very suitable for children’s birthday parties.

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