Building Block Dinosaur’s Tree House Green Park

Building Block Dinosaur’s Tree House Green Park


1000pcs dinosaur primitive building blocks, forest scene, treehouse structure, dinosaur model material, safe and reliable color, in line with forest green concept

Note: Children over 6 years old play

Size: 39.2×23.7cm

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The green park of the building block dinosaur’s treehouse has many elements from the dinosaur period and the primitive period. It contains many building blocks, such as trees, suspension bridges, houses, and dinosaurs. For enriching children’s fairy tale world, toys are the best choice. Because it is the source of happiness for children. The colorful appearance and rich construction elements of this dinosaur toy are more attractive to children. There are different ways to build each kind of building block. So this kind of toy makes the children’s toy world more exciting and no longer monotonous.

The rich setting of dinosaur toy scene content

As children grow up, they need more than curiosity and visual stimulation. Because the fairy tale world requires context and content, children will leave memories of the scenes in their minds in certain situations. Faced with such a stage of growth, scene toys can better integrate children into their emotions. And the dinosaur toy considers this issue in the setting of the scene. Therefore, it integrates the original period’s elements with the building blocks, making children have the fun of building games. Besides, it also imperceptibly leaves the imagination of the primitive period in the children’s minds.

Color combination of the forest series

This dinosaur toy building block world integrates dinosaurs into the forest. It uses a combination of healthy colors in the forest to make the whole building block look full of life. And when children see this color system, they will feel very novel and comfortable because it can relieve the child’s eyes from the color stimulation of too many things. When facing the unknown, we, including children, will have all kinds of fantasies about dinosaur toys. This process is a good time for creativity to burst. Therefore, this dinosaur toy and forest concept allow children to imagine the forest at home.

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Dimensions 39.2 × 23.7 cm

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