Children’s Preschool Education Notebook Language Learning Machine
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Children’s Preschool Education Notebook Language Learning Machine


Early childhood education to learn letters words nursery rhymes addition and subtraction formulas notebook learning machine

Size: 15.5 cm in length, 12 cm in width and 13 cm in height

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Children’s preschool education notebook language learning machine is a learning childhood education machine toy that allows children to learn easily and play happily. Not only can it learn words, but it can also read aloud or ask questions. At the same time, there is music. Various learning functions are prosperous.

The notebook’s operating mode not only exercises hand flexibility but also allows children to learn words in the interest.

When children begin to learn knowledge, they are easily distracted when faced with various words or letters. And it is excruciating to enter the learning state and the learning process. Therefore, this learning machine early childhood education first adopts a notebook in appearance, which can make children curious about new things. And using the keyboard design, you can let children do certain hand exercises. Let children not only be interested in studying learning machines but also exercise their hands. So this kind of notebook design is beneficial for children. Secondly, the notebook’s color selection is also very characteristic, with bright colors as a blessing. It makes the overall look very attractive. When a child sees it, he will like his appearance and the personalized color.

Reading aloud, questioning, and other learning functions make children’s learning no longer monotonous.

This learning machine has various learning functions: reading, repeating, learning words, learning letters, etc. Each function can help children learn more effectively. After learning the letters, the child can slowly transition to the vocabulary. Then learn to read slowly from the words. Secondly, in addition to learning words, it can also learn early childhood education arithmetic. Because this toy provides children with addition and subtraction formulas, it is more convenient for children to calculate. Also, it has relaxing functions such as nursery rhymes and jokes. After the child has studied for a period of time, he can listen to music or nursery rhymes and relax. The combination of work and rest is more conducive to children’s learning and growth.


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