Children’s Carpets

Children’s Carpets


Children’s carpet diverse patterns, waterproof materials, and thickness design to bring children safe and adequate space for activities, conducive to developing the child’s body.

Size: 200 cm long, 180 cm wide, 1 cm high.

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Children’s Carpets is a practical product that provides children with plenty of play and activity space. High quality, waterproof material so that children have no worries.

Design and use of children’s carpets

Children need to exercise space at a very young age, especially when learning to crawl and walk. Then the child’s exposure to the cold ground can do some harm to the body. The body as a child is very fragile and needs careful care of parents. But think about it, in addition to the size of the bed in the home, other places are difficult to meet the child’s activity conditions. But with this carpet, whether it’s at home, in the yard, or the suburbs. Children have enough safe and comfortable space to play. And the risk of falling from a height is ruled out. There are many lovely patterns on this carpet, and the colors are vibrant. When children play, they not only can they understand these lovely patterns but also the color recognition of vision is good. Also, the carpet is waterproof in the material. So it’s very convenient to wash and protect.

Satisfy the child’s range of activities is good for the child’s physical development.

When the baby was first born, it needed the care of his mother. Relatively speaking, the range of activities is not large. For slightly erred children, the range of activity is too small, which is detrimental to the child’s balance and ability to walk. So this children’s carpet, that’s what it’s all about. Use this carpet when your child is learning to crawl. It can provide a good space for children to learn. And the carpet is a certain thickness so that the child will be very comfortable. Second, when a child plays with toys or learns to walk, what kind of shoes are right for him, or will they be comfortable? There is no way for parents to appreciate it. To take good care of the child, let the child play on the carpet is the best choice. On this carpet, the child can learn to walk first, providing the basis for him to wear shoes correctly and walk.

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Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 cm

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