Children’s Mini play kitchen cooking toys
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Children’s Mini play kitchen cooking toys


12 pcs and 23 pcs of children’s play hand kitchen toys enrich kitchen items.

Suitable for children over three years old



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Children’s Mini play kitchen cooking toy is an adorable and lifestyle toy. It contains a lot of things in the kitchen, such as pots, shovels and so on. In terms of volume, it is also very Mini. It’s perfect for children to play. Moreover, with many toys, children can experience the role of cooking more deeply.

Kitchen toys close to life can improve children’s observation ability and brain development.

To better let children get the most comprehensive exercise and development, toys play a significant role. In the face of acting toys, children can deeply experience all kinds of things and development in life. It is an important duty to cultivate children’s observation consciousness and emotional resonance. For this play, the toy epitomizes the kitchen in life and shows children their own kitchens. Children’s observation can make any food you want to make and the process of operation of daily life and imagination. And it’s very diverse. There are some iconic items in the kitchen. Secondly, it can integrate the child into the role, such as imitating the mother or the father’s actions. Imitation is an action that it can only make through observation. So it’s good for children’s observation.

Grasp the ability of training and exercise thinking.

In this play toy, there are many kitchen items. When children pick up objects, they can exercise their grasping ability. And this toy has a lot of small buttons and rotary buttons. This setting has a great effect on children’s strength training. Secondly, every part of the kitchen has its specific purpose. When children are playing, they need to understand what it is used for or how to use it. In this way, children can gradually understand the use of specific parts. With this toy kitchen awareness, children can form a set of processes for making food in their minds. As a result, children’s logical thinking ability will also be improved. Secondly, each item’s size is specially designed for children, and it will take all aspects of children’s development care of.


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Dimensions 18 × 8 × 24 cm

Pink 12PCS, Blue 12PCS, Pink 23PCS, Blue 23PCS

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