Children’s suction cup sticky creative dart ball toy
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Children’s suction cup sticky creative dart ball toy


Children’s creative sticky ball sucker outdoor toys safe multiple play places dart ball toys

Note: the mouth cannot contain a ball

Size: Disk: diameter 36.5 cm   

         Ball: diameter 3 cm

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Children’s suction cup sticky creative dart ball toy is an activity toy full of fun and creativity. This toy has a dartboard full of numbers, and different color settings make the game more interesting. It is not limited by space and can be played on various occasions.

The spark of creative toys produced by the collision of numbers and colors

As a dart toy, using a standard dart target to calculate the number of laps is the most common way to play. For children, a single and more difficult gameplay is not suitable. Due to the sharpness of darts, it is also dangerous to children. Therefore, the design of the darts toy transforms the dart into a sticky ball, which not only reduces the risk but also enhances playability. Each part has a different number, which simplifies the dartboard and improves the children’s playing nature. Children can learn related Arabic numbers while playing. In addition to this love, there are also some color settings, which not only strengthen the child’s visual recognition but also make the entire toy full of vitality. The whole toy becomes more attractive because of the strong expression of the color.

Suitable for various indoor and outdoor occasions

For the darts toy, its dartboard is not glued to the wall, but in the form of a hanging ring. This design is very conducive to carrying or moving. Secondly, the size of each ball is not very large, so it is easy to carry when going out. And this design makes the dart toy get rid of the limitation of space and can be played in various places. During outings, this toy can be used as children’s entertainment toys to enhance the feelings between friends. At home, it occupies a small area and is easy to take care of, reducing the burden on adults. Parents can also play with their children to increase happiness.

Exercise children’s sense of direction and improve hand strength, with certain educational functions

Every time the ball is thrown to the dartboard, it is a time for children to exercise their hand strength. Children need to constantly develop the strength to ensure healthy growth. Of course, when a child connects crawling, then walking, and then practicing running, this is also a physical exercise. To see how important exercise is for children. For this dart toy, in addition to the practice of throwing the ball, the exercise of the sense of direction is also particularly important. To hit the mid-game, the child’s direction judgment is required. With power, the blessing of direction will make children happier and happier in the process of playing.

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Paste ball toy set, 5Pcs 3.4cm ball

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