36Pcs Kids Cognition Card

36Pcs Kids Cognition Card


Cognitive cards stimulate vision development, help improve children’s cognitive abilities, bring children happy at the same time, swim in the ocean of knowledge

size: 11.7 cm long ,7.8 cm wide

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Cognitive cards are early-school toys that are great for your baby to play with. Early education is an essential part of your baby’s growth and needs to be valued by your parents, so this toy card can meet this need and enhance your interaction with your baby.

Cognitive cards stimulate vision development in children.

At different stages of your child’s development, it is important to choose toys that are suitable for use at the appropriate stage. And for this, cognitive card adapts to a lot of stages. For children under one year of age, the colors used in this card are very bright. In other words, this color match is very conducive to the development of children’s vision. Children are looking at these cards, although they don’t know what these colors really mean. But it is helpful for the color cognition of the eyes. Other than that, these cards are not a single pattern. Because in addition to the collision of some colors, the setting of shapes and text is also exciting. For children over the age of one, these words and shapes can be gradually recognized as the child plays. So this card toy is more to meet the basic needs of children growing up.

Cognitive cards improve a child’s cognitive and language skills.

Cognitive cards improve a child’s cognitive and language skills. Toys not only bring happiness to children but also provide them with a convenient learning facility. When faced with your baby, you cannot use the learning methods used by adults. Then when knowledge is given to toys, the effect is perfect. And it’s a happy experience for children. Like this cognitive card, there is no hard indoctrination. In playing, children can interact well with their parents and improve their language and cognitive abilities. This approach also makes sense in the process of receiving knowledge after a child.


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Dimensions 11.7 × 7.8 cm

animal, color, shape, time, alphabet

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