Cognitive Toys Kids Plant Seeds Growth Life Cycle Playset

Cognitive Toys Kids Plant Seeds Growth Life Cycle Playset


Cognitive toys are beneficial for children’s comprehensive development. For example, this toy is a plant teaching aid so that children can learn more about plants.

Material: Plastic

Seed: 3.8x2x3.8cm / 1.5×0.79×1.5inch
Germinated seeds: 3.8x2x4.5cm / 1.5×0.79×1.77inch
Seedling emergence: 3.8x2x7cm / 1.5×0.79×2.76inch
Seedling: 5.5×2.5x10cm / 2.17×0.98×3.94inch

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Cognitive toys are beneficial for children’s comprehensive development. Therefore, parents should help their children learn more as they grow up. Each toy is a kind of improvement to the child’s cognitive range. This toy is like this. As we all know, children are full of curiosity about nature. Therefore, we have to solve those problems for them. This toy is a plant teaching aid. Therefore, children can understand the structure and growth process of plants by observing these models.

The Benefits of Cognitive Toys

Perception is the main way for babies to understand external things and increase their knowledge. First of all, it manifests in the middle stage of young children. Because the speech ability is still relatively low, the baby’s information is mainly the image information obtained through perception. However, toys with vivid and exaggerated images and bright and bright colors stimulate babies to touch with various sense organs. Therefore, in the process of contact with toys. The baby comes into contact with toys of different materials through seeing, hearing, mouth tasting, and touching. This process strengthens the child’s sense of perception and observation. Moreover, it also promotes the improvement of perception ability.

Cognitive toys are a tool for babies to express themselves. Compared with the language symbol system established by social conventions, toys are a more handy “language” for babies. Therefore, the toy is a “wordless book.” It is more like a “syllabus” or an open “textbook.” It can leave a large space for learners to construct and imagine independently. Therefore, it can stimulate the baby’s desire to express. Thus, to create a suitable language environment for the baby’s free expression.

In the process of playing with cognitive toys, babies have specific perceptions and actions. Then, they will use vivid, concrete language to change the language creatively. Thus, the cognition and understanding of the real world constructed with language as the medium has been developed. Therefore, parents should make full use of toys to train their babies’ language skills.

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