Creative DIY Toy Arts And Crafts For Kids

Creative DIY Toy Arts And Crafts For Kids


Product Information

Material: plastic, rubber

Color: colorful

Size: 17*16*13CM

Weight: about 526g

Quantity: 1 set

Gender: unisex

Age Range: 3 years & up

This creative DIY toy is rich in color and numerous in number, with more conducive for the children to experience, do and feel themselves.

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As children grow up, they develop an awareness and interest in aesthetics and a strong desire to make their own handicrafts. At this time, the baby’s performance is usually DIY products to show their imagination and hands-on ability. So, have you ever seen this creative DIY toy arts and crafts for kids? Children can use this toy set to knit a variety of toys.

Rich in color and numerous in number

The creative DIY toy set consists mainly of colorful rubber bands. Small rubber bands are not to be underestimated. If we put them together in the right way, we can make countless shapes. First of all, this DIY toy set is suitable for children over three years old to play with. Since most of the kits are small toys, parents must be careful not to let their children eat them by accident. Second, this set of rubber bands is colorful and made of silicone. A toy set contains 4,500 rubber bands, 6 crochet hooks, 50 beads, 48 S hooks, 6 pendants, and 1 large crochet hook. Such a variety of toy types can let the baby give full play to their imagination.

Improve children’s hands-on ability

Childhood is the best time to develop children’s hands-on skills. It’s no secret that fiddling is linked to intelligence. Exercise children’s hands-on ability more is a kind of improvement of children’s physical coordination ability and exercises children’s concentration. This creative DIY toy gives kids a chance to do just that. Parents give children such a set of toys, more conducive for the children to experience, do and feel themselves.

As parents, they should take the initiative to guide their children to make handmade toys. In the process of play, children will inevitably encounter difficulties. At this time, parents should encourage their children, let them solve problems by themselves, and lend a helping hand when necessary. On the one hand, it helps strengthen the mutual trust between parents and children. On the other hand, it is more helpful to help children better face setbacks and progress in the future.

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