Crystal Slime Transparent Fruit Slime DIY Toy for Children 60ml
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Crystal Slime Transparent Fruit Slime DIY Toy for Children 60ml


Crystal Slime for Arts Crafts School Projects

Stress Reliever DIY Toy for Children

Type: Fruit Slime

Color: 5 Colors

Weight: 50g

Package: Plastic Box

Age:Over 3



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Slime is the latest gum decompression toy popular with all young people. Slime has the characteristics of mucus, strong fluidity, and deformability. Crystal Slime toys are popular among children, and they would record videos of playing and even hand-making Slime and upload them to video sites.

Beautiful performance

Crystal Slime is like its name. It is crystal clear and can reflect a beautiful light. Children, especially girls, love transparent Slime. There are some pretty slices in this Slime. The pieces are in the shape of flowers, fruits, cakes, etc. They are in bright colors. The child can choose the slices’ style according to your preference; he or she can also buy another bag of slices and add them to the Slime according to their own wishes.

Stress reliever DIY toy

Crystal Slime is transparent. So you can add a specific pigment to it to make it color. You can also add fragments of any form to the Slime, which will make it feel more hierarchical. In short, how to design your Slime, everything can follow the child’s own will. In the process, children can enjoy their own world. Simultaneously, by kneading and squeezing bubbles, children can also relax their bodies and minds and relieve pressure.

Safe and non-toxic material

You do not have to worry about any safety and health problems during normal use and play. Of course, this Slime is not edible. It should also be noted that if you want to keep crystal Slime clean and transparent, you need to keep your hands clean while playing with it. It would help if you also put Slime back in the box in time after playing to prevent it from drying and hardening.

In general, Slime is a great child toy. It is a DIY toy that can meet the needs of children to play freely. Simultaneously, in kneading and squeezing bubbles, it can also please the brain and relieve stress. If you want to buy a Slime as a child toy, this crystal Slim is a good choice.

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