Dance Mat Non-Slip Foot Print Mat

Dance Mat Non-Slip Foot Print Mat


The dancing mat is the easiest tool for learning to dance. You can exercise indoors, suitable for all ages. It is a toy for happy parent-child interaction.

Material: PVC

Interface: USB 2.0 / 1.1

Works with: PC

Size : 94 x 82 x 1.1cm

Weight: 627g

Line Length:1.8M

100 in stock

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Dance Mat is a fascinating tool for learning dancing. We live in an era of fast-paced and brutal competition. Time is knowledge and opportunity; time is money. Of course, golf and tourism have their advantages. But these hobbies require a lot of one-time consumption. And the price is high for most people. The fitness blanket can be used for fitness without leaving home. Suitable for all ages, it saves money and time. It cannot be said that it is a cost-effective modern fitness method. The benefits of the dance mats are slimming, fitness, and good weight loss effects.

Benefits of the Dance Mat

Increasingly bad environmental pollution and crowded people flow in cities. All this makes people more irritable, depressed, and tired. Take time to practice the dance mat for the dance star. She is especially suitable for modern women, and it is a good way to reduce stress and shape. It is a perfect way to exercise for children. Let the child develop a good habit of physical exercise since childhood. Children will find joy in dancing on the dancing mat. This will make them fall in love with this fun activity.

How to use

First, when you get the dancing mat for the first time, please don’t use it. It should be unfolded and placed in a well-ventilated place because most of its materials are plastic products. So it will emit a pungent odor at the beginning of use. We should dissipate its peculiar smell before using it, so as not to cause indoor air pollution.

Second, in the process of use, try to avoid contact between dancing mats and sharp objects to avoid damaging the dance mat.

Third, it is best to take off your shoes when using dancing mats for games. Or wear soft-soled shoes to play on the dance mat. When stepping on the button, you should pay attention to the force used and not use excessive force.

Fourth, the surface of the space where the dancing mat is placed must be flat. There should be no obvious bumps so as not to damage the keys or internal circuits. When the game is over, the dancing mat should be placed flat, do not fold it, and do not put any objects on it to avoid damage to the lines in the carpet.


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