Dentist Toys Set Simulation Tooth

Dentist Toys Set Simulation Tooth


Dentist toys allow children to recognize the oral cavity results so that the child learns to pay attention to their own oral cleaning.

Product size (approximately): 30*3*25cm

Product weight (approximately): 750g

Product material: wooden

Age range: >3 years old

Number of pieces: 1 set

100 in stock

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Dentist toys are fun and educational toys. As we all know, dentistry is a profession that all children don’t like. Because the dentist will open their mouths, then the doctor will use small forceps to pull out the child’s decayed tooth. After all, no one would like such a painful process. Most importantly, the dentist will tell parents not to give their children sweets. Sweets are the favorite thing of all children. However, the doctor wants to deprive them of the right to eat sugar. That being said, dentistry is really not a pleasing profession. All in all, children will be afraid of going to the dentist. What’s more, they will be afraid of tooth extraction and will not go to the hospital.

Dentist Toys will Alleviate Children’s Fears.

As far as I know, every child has a common fear in childhood. That is to see the dentist. The process of going to the dentist is long and painful. Because I use a small electric drill to pry open the children’s teeth. And there is an unpleasant smell of disinfectant. These are things that children are afraid of. The appearance of dentist toys can alleviate children’s fear. First of all, this toy makes a disc into the shape of a child’s mouth. Some of them are good teeth, and some are bad teeth. At this time, the children have to find bad teeth in the middle. Then imitate the dentist and replace the bad teeth with good ones. Children can learn more about tooth structure through the process of tooth replacement.

The Importance of Dental Health

Protecting your teeth can not only chew food well but also has a certain effect on your child’s face. Because the child begins to change his teeth when he is six or seven years old, the erupted permanent teeth will accompany the child throughout his life. If you get dental caries in childhood and adolescence, your teeth will be uneven. A bad tooth will affect the child’s appearance. Secondly, if the tooth is broken, it will slowly deform in the mouth. Over time, other teeth will be affected, and bad teeth will break many teeth. And to protect your teeth is to protect your stomach.


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Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 30 × 3 × 25 cm

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