Electric Music Light Dance Walk Robot Dog Toy

Electric Music Light Dance Walk Robot Dog Toy


This electric music light dance walk robot dog toy has various outstanding skills, promoting relationships between children and pets.

Material: plastic and electronic components

Size:14 * 10 * 21.5 cm


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Does your child like small pets? Kids have a natural affinity for puppies and are curious to explore their various traits. So take a look at this electric music light dance walk robot dog toy. It is suitable for children from 0 to 3 years old.

The Features Of This Toy Puppy

First of all, this dog toy allows children and their parents to have interesting interactive games. The cute toy remote control toy dog can sing and dance and has a variety of game modes. Secondly, this toy dog’s crawling skills can attract babies to grasp the crawling ability faster when chasing, guide children to learn to crawl more scientifically and promote babies’ growth. It is a good helper for children to learn to crawl. Besides, the dog toys on the body have cool lights flashing soft and not hurt the eyes. Children need to easily turn on the light switch, cheerful music, and dance flashing colorful lights.

Variety Of Outstanding Skills

It would help if you did not imagine it, and this toy hole also has an interesting bionic function. It can issue a realistic barking appearance. Then, it has a pair of big eyes, and the expression is charming. In addition to its physical resemblance, it has real puppy-like skills. The toy dog will jump after walking a certain distance, ears open, hands open, squatting, and other actions. Also, the toy dog comes in pink and blue colors. Parents can choose its color according to boys’ and girls’ different likes to give their children the greatest satisfaction.

Promote Friendly Relationships Between Children and Pets

The appearance of toy puppies helps children better understand puppies and play with puppies. This is more conducive for children and animals to establish a friendly relationship. Learning to live with animals is also an important skill for children. This can help children find more fun in life and add a different experience.

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