Electric water sprinkler for baby playing with water

Electric water sprinkler for baby playing with water


The 360-degree rotating nozzle of the children’s sprinkler has a cute appearance and interesting play methods. It provides a fun bathing environment. It uses 4× 1.5 AAA batteries, which are safe and secure.

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An electric water sprinkler for baby playing with water is a toy that helps children have fun in the bath. It is equipped with batteries and also meets safety standards. And it is full of fun, which is very attractive to children.

Usage and safety of water sprinkler for kids

This children’s sprinkler is safe and cute. Because it is a bath toy specially designed for children, faced with the fear and worry of children not adapting to the bathing environment, this toy can solve children’s anxiety. And it can attract the child’s attention, so he wants to let the child take a comfortable bath. His gameplay is also fascinating. It is a combination of toys and sports capabilities. Its nozzle can rotate 360 degrees, without any angle restrictions. And it is the design of elephant appearance. Therefore, when children look at this sprinkler, they will feel like watching an elephant spraying water. Secondly, it uses 4× 1.5 AAA batteries, which are not plugged in, so the child is very safe when washing.

Cute appearance and gameplay add fun to children in bathing.

Children are susceptible to objects with brighter colors when they are young. And he is inquisitive about other things. Therefore, if children want to attract their attention when taking a bath, they must use cute and interesting toys, such as the children’s sprinkler. Its elephant-like design can have the function of sprinkling water and attract children’s attention. It can also bring fun to children. And its color selection is very bright. The choice of saturation is also very particular. So the water sprinkler for kids will stimulate the child’s vision development and attract the child’s attention. Secondly, there are many different ways to play with the nozzle of this toy. It is conducive to the development of children’s imagination and curiosity to explore unknown things.

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