Electronic Drawing Board

Electronic Drawing Board


An electronic drawing board, which can be restored with one click of color, uses the ABS screen to give your child a very high creative space.

size: 22 cm long, 14 cm wide and 0.5 cm high

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The electronic drawing board is a product that can bring a hand-drawn experience to children and also bring convenience to the family. White walls are afraid of painting flowers; you may as well use this product for children.

Draw with a pen and composition with lines

An electronic drawing board is an electronic product that uses a button battery, not a traditional blackboard form. For example, when children draw, they can only be drawn on paper or a blackboard. Not only restricted materials, restricted child activity location. The board improves the blackboard’s role, allowing children to paint anytime, anywhere, no longer subject to location restrictions. Also, parents are more worried about their children painting their favorite paintings on the white walls. And this drawing board can solve this problem. Parents don’t have to worry about walls anymore. And this toy uses a battery. So it has a long service life and is very convenient.

The drawing board stimulates the creative idea and develops the image thinking ability.

A painting full of pictures has filled the creator’s mind. And a blank piece of paper can create infinite possibilities. This drawing board is the equivalent of blank paper, without any distraction from thinking. It allows children to create in any form. Every idea can be realized on this drawing board. And when the toy fills up the idea, it can be what it was so that the child can create. The moment a child picks up a pen, there are countless thoughts and possibilities in his head. So this toy can give children unlimited creative space. The toy of this is with a pen, so everything that appears on the toy is very image-specific, including numbers, text, or images. So this is a great help to the child’s image memory ability.

Additional information

Dimensions 22 × 14 × 0.5 cm

white, black, blue, red, green

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