Electronic Voice Remote Control Robot Dog Toy

Electronic Voice Remote Control Robot Dog Toy


Product battery: lithium battery 7.4V
Remote control battery: 2 AA batteries (Not Included)
Charging time: about 1 hour
Use time: about 30 min
Remote control distance: within about 10m / 32.81ft
Size: approx.about24x15x28 cm
Material: ABS
Quantity: 1 Set

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This kind of smart robot dog is really cute; it looks like a real pet dog.

Best Friend for Children

If your family cannot take care of a pet dog and your child really want to have one, the robot dog is suitable for your family. Because its appearance really looks like a real puppy. Also, the dog toy can do a ton of things. Such as singing, dance, moving forward, moving backward, pee, giving a performance, and even telling a story or playing some music for your kids. Anyway, it can always entertain your kids, and make fun of them, play with them, as a good loyal friend to accompany kids.

Environmentally Friendly Toy

The smart robot dog is made Of ABS environmentally friendly materials and electronic components, which is non-toxic environmental-friendly and safe. Besides, it has Good Sound Quality TO Protect Your Baby’s Hearing. The sound quality does not stimulate the baby’s ear and protect the baby’s ear. We make sure that this smart robot dog is no polluted, and we can ensure you and your children are safe and healthy.

Happy Your Family Time

This intelligent smart robot dog could encourage you to play with your child; children can enjoy the happy time when they play with the toy dog. Also, it can increase the interaction between parents and kids. You can teach your kids how to control it, step by step. The funny little digital dog also can add fun to your family. So, it is really the best Christmas gift or birthday gift for your kids just by this toy.

Smart machine dog is full of technology-based electronic pet-type toys, with remote control function, can do a lot of action and expression.

The modern sense of technology of smart robot dogs implants details

In the era of the rapid development of science and technology. Children’s toys step by step improvement and promotion. Electronic toys are also slowly entering the field of view of people’s choice. This robot dog’s toy is not only full of technology. But also has a variety of motion programming. From the shape of the robot dog, the exterior material design will greatly enhance the cool vision. And there are colors and spots to make the whole toy look cool and cute. Beyond that, the programmatic design doesn’t just write about dog walking programs. And write about dancing, rotating, etc. You can also program it in mode and give instructions to it. Overall, not only in appearance but also in motion design, there is an injection of scientific and technological elements.

Humanized design to keep children safe and experience different worlds of technology

Each joint of this robot dog has a circular design and is closely connected so that it can protect the child in addition. It can give children singing and telling stories, not only a child can bring happiness and play experience toys, but also a child can accompany the child’s small partner. It can make a lot of interesting expressions and movements. When a child is upset or unhappy, it can play its own emoji bag function to make the child happy. Every child is innate of a little angel and should not be surrounded by worry and unhappiness. So the mission of this robot dog is to make children happy. And its sense of science and technology amusing children into the small world of science and technology, feel the beauty of science and technology.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 24 × 19 × 19 cm

pink, white

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