Emoji Puzzle

Emoji Puzzle


Facial expression puzzle with the help of the paste process, so that children can deeply appreciate the facial expression expressed joy and sorrow, improve the child’s cognitive and understanding.

Size: 30 cm in length and width.

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Emoji Puzzle is a paste toy on the face. It can DIY character expression puzzle, through their own mood to paste the character’s expression. It’s sad. It’s sad.

Emoji puzzles express your child’s inner emotions.

In the face of squeaky babies beginning to touch the language, how can parents correctly understand their baby’s emotions? The toy shows a close-up of the character’s face. Children look at their mom and dad’s face every day and have a preliminary understanding of the face’s correct position. However, they don’t have a clear understanding of joy and sorrow. But in the case of the first consciousness, the child combines what he thinks is the expression. That’s true. Children are sensitive to their parents’ emotional reactions when they laugh. When children play with this toy, parents can see the purity of their children’s world. You may also see different facial expressions from your child.

Emoji Puzzle gives children encouragement and self-confidence in different emotions.

Everyone’s understanding of facial expressions is different. In a pure white world, the meaning behind these expressions is not fully understood. With Emoji Puzzle, children can get an idea of the basic facial expressions of human beings. The toy colors different parts of a person’s face. Colors are based on people’s real facial colors. So the perception of facial expressions doesn’t go wrong. Through the guidance of parents to their children, and then to play with this toy. Your child will understand some basic common sense in this. To grow up has a certain help. It will also be helpful to improve the child’s understanding in the future. And parents tend to be kind when playing with their children. Even with some angry expressions, there was love for him from his parents. So children in the future, when dealing with things, will also be more confident, calmer.

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Dimensions 30 × 30 cm

Boy, Girl, Dad, Mom

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