Fingerboard Mini Skateboarding Toy Finger Skateboard
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Fingerboard Mini Skateboarding Toy Finger Skateboard


Finger skateboarding is a finger-operated skateboarding game.

Suitable age: over 4

Main Material:ABS/ alloy

Dimensions: cm 19*3*14

Weight: around 60 g


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The fingerboard is a miniature version of the skateboard, which needs to be driven by fingers. It takes time and practice to learn finger skateboarding. In this process, the fingerboard can help develop children’s patience and practical ability. For kids looking forward to being cool, this finger skateboard is a great choice for gifts.

Detachable parts

There will be a finished product in the suit with some replacement parts when you receive this mini fingerboard. You can change the color of the parts according to your own preference. When the parts are worn, as long as you start changing the new parts, you will get a new fingerboard again. Disassembly and installation can also be a special exercise and practice process for kids. Also, the tools and parts have no sharp point; you don’t have to worry about safety issues.

Fine workmanship

Our fingerboard is of fine workmanship. The main body is uniform in shape, pure in color, and durable. The parts also match well. You don’t have to worry about quality problems. As long as careful protection, this fingerboard will not be easily damaged.

Exercise children’s finger sensitivity

Finger boarding is very helpful for children’s brain and finger development. Four to six-year-olds are growing in finger sensitivity. They have learned to do simple hand movements but may not yet use their fingers to manipulate other delicate objects. Hand game products,such as the fingerboard ,can develop children’s interest while exercising their finger sensitivity. Moreover, finger skateboards are safer and easier to learn than normal skateboards. So why not cultivate a new interest and specialty for children?

Any time and place

The fingerboard is very small, so you do not need to find a specific venue to play. On the table, the railing, or the steps… any place can be your place to play mini skateboard. It is also easy to learn. There are many video tutorials for finger skateboarding on YouTube. With a little practice, children can learn fingerboard well easily. As long as you put this mini skateboard in your pocket, you can start playing whenever and wherever you want.

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Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 3 cm

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