Frog Eating Beads Competition Family Game Toy
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Frog Eating Beads Competition Family Game Toy


This frog eating beads competition family game toy is a classic parent-child interactive puzzle toy that can promote family relationships.

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Are you looking forward to suitable family entertainment parent-child game toys? So take a look at this frog-eating beads competition family game toy. It is a classic parent-child interactive puzzle toy that can promote family relationships.

Many advantages

First of all, the family game toy installation is made of 100% new and high-quality plastic. The material is firm, not easy to break, also won’t be wet by water, very durable and practical. Secondly, this smooth material is non-toxic, odorless, safe, and protects the baby’s young skin. Also, each player’s device is a small colored frog; modeling is very vivid. The beads are also colored to enhance the visual experience. What’s more, the buttons are textured to make them easy to press and non-slip.

How to play with the toy

Toys are designed to be played by two, three, or four. You can choose different models according to the number of people. At the start of the game, each player chooses a small frog in one place to represent them. Then, when the command to start the game was issued, each player had to direct his frog to eat the beads from the pool by pressing a button in rapid succession at the same time. Until the beads are eaten up, the game is over. Finally, the judge is asked to count the number of beads received by each player. The one with the largest number wins, the other loses.

Helps with parent-child interaction

On the one hand, it’s a puzzle toy. In games, children need to react quickly and cooperate with their hands and brains. The game can effectively improve the baby’s observation, attention, memory, thinking ability, imagination, analytical ability, and strain ability. On the other hand, it is also a family game toy. Parents can play with their babies and compete to get the most beads. Warm and pleasant parent-child playtime can effectively help parents and babies to build trust and dependence and promote family harmony.

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