Girls Make-Up Luggage Play Toys

Girls Make-Up Luggage Play Toys


The make-up luggage play toys are exquisite cosmetic items, showing their own awareness of self-identity and improving girls’ confidence.

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As girls grow up, they dress like their mothers. Mothers should be happy that their daughters are doing this because that’s how girls identify with their gender identity. So, parents should give their daughters these girls make-up luggage play toys. They must be the best gift for girls.

Exquisite cosmetic items

This make-up luggage play toy is suitable for little girls aged 3-9. In this period of early childhood, children like to dress up to be happy. First of all, the toy set can change shape. When it is finished, the surface of the make-up luggage toy set is a colorful luggage box. The size of the suitcase is 19*11*48cm. When unfurled, the make-up luggage toy set magically resembles a small dressing table. The small dressing table’s length is 46.5cm, 20cm wide, and 55cm high. Secondly, this cosmetic toy set has many accessories, such as perfume, lipstick, ring, handbag, comb, hairpin, and so on. Such rich and diverse make-up articles can let girls give full play to the imagination, free dress up. Third, the small mirror in the toy set is also magical. Install 2 pieces 5 batteries on the back of the small mirror, and then press the careful button on the mirror’s top. It will send out magic music, astounding.

Improve girls’ confidence

As the girls grew up, they began to dress. Moms should be happy about that because it is a sign that they are slowly becoming mature. Make-up can help them maintain a better external image. On the one hand, this shows their own awareness of self-identity, and on the other hand, it also promotes the girls’ own self-confidence. They are eager to get more people’s approval and please themselves by dressing up.

The love of beauty is universal. It’s nature. Therefore, mothers should respect every girl’s love of beauty. Buy the perfect make-up luggage play toy for your child.

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